July 21, 2016 @ 05:10 PM

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is at an all-time high

It’s a story that we’ve heard over and over since 2014, but here’s to the new record for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia once again!

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is at the top of their game in the first half of 2016 once again! This time around the magic number is 6017. Yes, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is proud to announce that they have sold a total of 6017 cars in the first half of 2016. Not only is this MBM’s best first half to date, they have also raked in a new score for the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) After Sales rating.

The numbers are led by Mercedes-Benz’s locally produced limousines. Having introduced two new variants to the C-Class’s line up, the C180 and the C300, a total of 2534 units rolled out of showrooms and into the garages of proud owners in the first half of 2016. The E-Class follows from a far second with 1063 units finding new owners while 549 units of the S-Class were delivered in the first half of the year.

Compact cars from the marque are also highly in demand largely thanks to the popularity of the MY Urban Hunting campaign to help renew the love for the new A-Class. A total of 570 units were sold in the first half of the year giving the A-Class the crown of the compact class range. The CLA, previously the best-seller of the compact range, found favour with 341 buyers. The GLA doesn’t fall far from its compact cousins with 329 units sold.

Surprisingly, MBM’s SUV range found a lot of favour from a number of people. The number of GLCs sold in the first half of the year is makes up the 576 units at 483 units. Meanwhile, the GLE and GLE Coupe found favour with 93 owners. The Dream Car Collection on the other hand was also a success with the crowd as MBM sold 90 units in the first half of the year.

MBM reports that most of the sales were made in second quarter of 2016 with 3359 cars sold and June 2016 being their best month ever recording at 1203 units. The number of cars sold in June is also a new milestone for the brand.

Sales of the cars were not the only milestone for the manufacturer this year. MBM has invested more than RM20 million into their dealer network on new openings and upgrading works. In the first quarter of 2016, MBM and Cycle and Carriage Bintang saw the reopening of two revamped Autohauses and the opening of a brand new City Store in TREC. In the second quarter, MBM and Hap Seng Star cut the ribbons of the first full-fledged 3S facility known as the Mercedes-Benz City Service located at the heart of KL.

With the revamping work done and the opening of new facilities have brought MBM the highest CSI After Sales rating in history and helped them achieve leadership position in the competitor benchmark study. The MBM service network also serviced a record number of 52,700 cars during the first half of the year.

This is the first time that MBM has entered the double digit growth percentage rate and they have even let loose that they have something planned to celebrate the success with everyone!

Jerrica Leong

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