November 07, 2016 @ 02:48 PM

New head for Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia

Mercedes Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) has placed Mike Ponnaz at the helm as their new Managing Director effective 1st November 2016.

Taking over from out-going MBSM managing director, Hike Janssen, who has done well to bring up Mercedes sales over the past four years, Mike Ponnaz looks forward to continue the streak and invoke more growth. Mike is bringing 23 years of automotive industry experience to his position, ten of which was as the Director of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Thailand.


The road that has lead Mike to this position, started back in 1993 when he joined Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co. Ltd in Thailand, as an importer and assembler of Mercedes-Benz vehicle components. Mike has been in the motorsports department as well since he was the project manager for AMG parts and managed the projected investment for Mercedes motorsport ventures in the Southeast Asia region. 


Ponnaz shined when he negotiated contractual matters with stakeholders during Mercedes-Benz's restructuring back in 1998. As a Masters in Business Administration holder, he put his knowledge to good use as he negotiated contractual matters with the big wigs. He was solely responsible for ensuring that the business remained viable for the following years. Combining the efforts of five newly built flagship stores in just two years, sales of the tri star brand skyrocketed in Thailand, achieving 30 per cent market share for car sales and 45 per cent market share for after sales business. 


Mike quickly climbed up the ladder to become the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Thailand and used the opportunity to build knowledge and gain experience. Ponnaz sees himself as a calm yet assertive leader. He believes in mutual trust and is an ambitious team player. “I’m here to help bring about the best in people, offer empowerment whenever possible, and jointly seek new opportunities for continued growth,” he explained.


Having built his career in Thailand, Malaysia is going to be a change for Mike, but he is looking forward to getting acquainted with the new environment and get to grips with the Malaysian automotive financing market. 




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