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​This is Graham, the only person in this world that can survive a car crash

Apparently we will have to look like this and be built like this to be able to endure massive impacts in crashes.

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Don’t be alarm! This life-like being is a creation of an organisation to demonstrate what the human body needs to survive a car crash. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Graham, a being that was created by the Transport Accident Commision organisations run by the Victorian Government in Australia.

Graham was born to show us just how vulnerable the human body when faced with forces involved with transport accidents. According to studies TACVictoria carried out, a human body can only withstand impact speeds the body can reach on its own, hence the rising amount of people with long-term debilitation problems.

With the help of leading trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield, crash investigator expert David Logan and world renowned artist Patricia Piccini, the TACVictoria proceeded to show us just what we need in our bodies to survive a car crash whether as a passenger or a pedestrian.

First, the researchers have discovered that we need more, to put it in a simpler term, support to absorb the impact of the crash away from the brain. Perhaps they borrowed the idea from the animal kingdom, a pregnant lioness has massive amounts of fluid and ligaments to protect their cubs in their wombs when they are hunting for prey. Graham’s brain is the same, not only is it the same concept but he has a bigger skull as well to help absorb all the impact better.

Graham also has a bigger skull then a normal human being, the skull absorbs a lot of the force from an impact simply by fracturing. According to Christian Kenfield 

“The skull is designed to fracture, it take the force from an impact and stops it being propagated through to the brain. That’s what helmets do.” 

So artist Patricia Piccini designed the skull to be the shape of a helmet to absorb the force of impact and it even has inbuilt crumple zones to help slow down the momentum. 

Graham’s face is also designed to prevent as much damage to his face as possible. On average, the face will endure injuries from minor scrapes to serious cuts and fractures, so Viccini gave Graham a flat face and a lot of fatty tissue to absorb the energy of the impact.

The most innovative part of Graham’s body is his rib cage. The rib cage is already a very good tool to protect our organs when faced with an impact. Ralf Schumacher once crashed his Toyota F1 car into the barriers, he suffered a number of broken ribs that absorbed all the impact and protected his organs from serious damage.
According to Viccini, the rib cage is already a brilliant safety harness so she enhanced the rib cage allowing her to add on organic airbags between the bones that will expel liquid upon impact and absorb the force. She also extended the rib cage all the way up to Graham’s skull therefore protecting the neck area of the body.

Finally the legs, Christian Kenfield discovered that the knees are the most vulnerable part of the body, so he and Viccini gave Graham knees that can bent in different directions and feet that resembles a kangaroo. The best cause of action is to jump out of the way of the approaching vehicle hence feet that not only protects itself but a strong ability to jump far as well.

While the only thing about Graham that most of us will desire is his scratch proof skin, Graham is a reminder to all that, unless we are built like Graham, we are not invincible and many a good man loss their lives in a car accident. Look both sides of the roads when crossing, keep your attention on the road when driving and sign yourself up for safety driving lessons!

For more information on Graham click here.

Jerrica Leong 

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