October 20, 2016 @ 03:02 PM

​School's out for Mazda Trainees

Mazda service centres to gain a fresh batch of certified technical support

Nothing like that extra confidence knowing that the people handling your car are well qualified for the job. Mazda is capitalising on this thought with their after sales training program. Bermaz Motor Sdn Bhd and Mazda are proud to graduate their 4th and 5th batch of students from their Mazda Apprenticeship Program (MAP). 

A total of 163 graduates will be hitting the service centres throughout Malaysia. The total number comes from a combination of four different training levels which include the MAP, Body and Paint Program, Mazda Master Technician and Mazda Master Senior Service Advisor. 

Bermaz Motor, Mazda's official distributor, started the Mazda Apprenticeship Program (MAP) program back in 2010 and with the mission to deliver a flow of skilled workers who know their way around the cars. 

Ever since the start of the program, Bermaz Motor have invested over RM10 million to ensure after sales quality is kept up to standards. Qualification wise, the graduates are awarded with Malaysia Skill Certificate (Level 3, K- Worker), Diploma from Institute of Motor Industry Awards Limited and Mazda Masters Level F. This should certainly make them an expert on Mazda's. 

Being sanctioned by the Department of Skill Development (DSD), the MAP utilises the Motor Vehicle Mechanic syllabus and Mazda Master Program to keep their technicians up to date with what they'll be working on. 

Being a school leavers program, entry requirements are just SPM/SPV while the benefits are rather attractive. An automotive skills training program that guarantees a minimum of three years employment under the company. 

Bermaz Motor also has affiliations with Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd. They've been Bermaz Motor's lubricants partner ever since 2008 and can now add MAP to the list. Shell Malaysia will contribute RM50,000 annually for the next five years in efforts to support Mazda's human capital development. 


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