October 26, 2016 @ 05:17 PM

​LYNK & CO aims to challenge the conventions of the auto industry

A modular architecture, total connectivity and zero dealerships are just the tip of the iceberg for LYNK & CO

In order to stand out in today’s environment, one would have to have the guts in challenging the norms and coming out with something revolutionary. Geely Auto Group aims to do as such as they launch a new global car brand with the target of challenging the conventions of the automobile industry with LYNK & CO.

“It is time for us to step into the future and reinvent the model to become a comprehensive solution for mobility and lifestyle,” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of LYNK & CO. “Our aim is to enrich and simplify car ownership by redefining how they are bought, owned, connected, serviced and used,” he added.

One of the ways LYNK & CO simplifies things is by naming their first car the 01, which will be followed by the 02, 03, and so forth. Design-wise, “the cars should stand out from the crowd and appeal to a truly global audience,” said Andreas Nilsson, Head of Geely Design Sweden. The 01 aims to do just that by having a design that captures its European and Chinese genes.

LYNK & CO uses something called ‘Compact Modular Architecture’ or CMA for their 01 and each of the forthcoming line-up of their cars. CMA is basically an advanced modular architecture that has the capabilities of accommodating many body styles and sizes. This technology can be found on Volvo’s new compact car range and upcoming Geely models. The CMA is designed to be able to accommodate a wide range of different powertrains, safety features and technologies.

Connectivity is also one of the main areas that LYNK & CO are focusing and they will start by fitting all cars with a large central touchscreen and telematics system that are always connected to the internet and the car’s own cloud storage. Sticking to digitalizing the car, the owner is able to provide others access to the car with a sharable digital key and one could also monitor the car from a smartphone via the LYNK & CO app.

Collaborating with names like Microsoft and Alibaba, LYNK & CO will offer new digital ordering, supply, sales and CRM systems and custom applications for user interaction. LYNK & CO have also teamed up with Ericsson to come up with a new car connectivity cloud and the digital platform will feature an open API that allows endless possibilities of personalizing and a richer user experience.

Starting with the 01, the rest of LYNK & CO’s models will be available with ultra-efficient powertrains. Churning out the best fuel economy figures and performance in their class, they also aim to further reduce emissions with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox developed by China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT). Offered alongside a manual gearbox, all models will also be offered with electrified powertrains.

LYNK & CO also strives is offering the best safety on their cars where an experienced safety team with expertise from the Volvo Safety Centre will be working on the vehicle’s structure and safety systems. Aside from passive safety features such as the advanced front structure that absorbs crash energy in a controlled manner through the side beams, it also comes with a range of active safety as well. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB), Pedestrian Detection with automatic emergency braking, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are just some of them to begin with.

Unlike the typical industry practice of relying on dealerships, LYNK & CO will have a direct interaction to their customers where the cars will be sold online or in owned stores in strategic locations. Offering fixed and transparent prices, they will also deliver, and pick the car up for servicing at the consumer’s doorstep.

Designed and engineered in Sweden for the global market, LYNK & CO’s cars will be available in the Chinese market in 2017, followed by Europe and the U.S.
Hussein Zain


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