October 13, 2016 @ 05:37 PM

​An open top Ferrari to rule them all

In conjunction with their 70th Anniversary, Ferrari stuns the Paris Motor Show by taking the roof off of the LaFerrari.

Italy is a fashion hub. Always coming up with new and wild designs that captivate the world. Say this to a car lover though and we would share the same excitement except in our minds, chances are we're scrolling through Ferrari's gallery of beauties they've produced over their 70 years of car making. 

The LaFerrari Aperta is their latest gem. She joins the very short and rare list of Ferrari cars to feature the Aperta name. Aperta is Italian for open, which makes sense since the name has only been added to roofless limited edition models that come out of the Ferrari factory.

This one though will feature Ferrari's 70th Anniversary logo that they launched at the Paris Motor Show as well. It may seem slightly tacky to be honest but you wouldn't regret it when time comes to sell your limited edition prancing horse. 

Unlike regular topless cars, the LaFerrari Aperta does not have a metal folding roof neither a soft top that whizzes up or down under certain speeds. However you do have the option to choose between a removable soft top or a removable carbon fibre hard top. 

Yes you have to fix it on yourself and have a place to store it. Mock all you want but nobody buys a million dollar Ferrari for practicality. You may want to pick up the habit of  checking up on the weather forecast before setting out in your lidless hypercar. Wouldn't want to get that interior wet now would you. 

Mechanically, the Aperta is almost identical to its hardtop twin. Ferrari made sure the Aperta is capable of handling the exact same stress under pressure as the coupe. Maranello's finest engineers have gone to work on it to make sure the chassis rigidity remains unchanged despite the lack of a roof. 

Specifically the carbon tub, which is the backbone of the 963 Horsepower hypercar, has had some secretive modifications made to it to retain chassis stiffness. I'm fine not knowing the recipe, I trust that Ferrari know what they're doing.

Having set the rules to not add any strengthening beams as it would add weight, the engineers have concentrated their focus on aerodynamic witchcraft. The huge factor that affects a car when you take its roof off, is the drag figure. 

Obviously without a roof, the air passing over the car does not have a smooth of a path as on a hard top since it hits the pressure zone where the roof is supposed to be. To counter this issue, a pair of flaps have been added to the upper corners of the windscreen which works with the air flowing on the outside of the car to reduce cabin pressure and drag. 

Ferrari is certainly doing their best to give you as comfortable drive as possible with the roof off. A wind-stop design is fixed to the parcel shelf that channels passing air through the interior structure of the car and exiting at a slower speed behind the seats. 

This design is supposed to reduce the buffeting that naturally occurs when you grow a heavy right foot. Wonder if Ferrari will lend me one to see if it really works at high speeds. Please? 

A few other mechanical changes on the Aperta are the radiators. They've been angled in such a way that the hot air produced is directed under the body rather than over it like on the LaFerrari. 

With more hot air now flowing under the body, the front dam has been lengthened and the vortex generators under the car are lower to create more downforce. Funny how a little change in angle and placement can affect the dynamics of a car so much.

Performance figures are, near as makes no difference, the same as the hardtop. Somehow I doubt you'd find yourself complaining that your drop dead gorgeous LaFerrari Aperta is point of a second slower than the hardtop. 

Above all else, without the roof, your ears have more access to the V12 shriek a few inches behind you. With the LaFerrari Aperta you're not buying a V12 HY-KERS hypercar to do track days and set lap record in. 

What you're buying is a machine that is on the pedestal of motoring. Roll up anywhere in it and I guarantee you'd be leaving behind a wake of snapped necks and drop jaws. Exactly what a Ferrari is made to do. 


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