September 15, 2016 @ 06:13 PM

iOS 10 spreads some Porsche love

If Apple’s operating system could drive, we now know for sure it’ll have a Porsche in its driveway.

The techno-clash between iOS and Android’s diehards will continue to rage on for years but if you’re a petrolhead without an Apple logo on your phone, we’d understand if you feel a little depressed right about now.
Apple may have just tilted things in its favour among car nuts with iOS 10. Sure it comes with trick new features and updates but we only need one of them; Automoji.
The cool sticker app for iMessage is the handiwork of American designer Kevin McCauley and it goes without saying that he eats, breathes and lives Porsche. He’s also quite the accomplished emoji designer and his latest work of art contains 60 different versions of various road-going and racing Porsches that have been emoji-fied.

Digging deep into his Porsche nerd-dom, McCauley designed some extremely obscure Porsches such as the 9R3 Le Mans prototype and the iconic RUF CTR “Yellowbird” as well as practically all 911 iterations.
It’ll cost you though at $0.99 (roughly RM4.10) but we can’t imagine many arguing with that amount for the amount of Porsche love. Skip that roti canai and limau ais supper for one night and you can be the envy of your fellow iOS motorheads.
Head on over to the site at for the best experience RM4.10 will get you this year.

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