October 27, 2016 @ 03:27 PM

A Hyundai that will turn heads

Hyundai teases rendered images of the all-new Azera.

Although it is badged as Grandeur in its home country, the rest of the world knows it as the Azera. This latest version will be the sixth iteration of the name. 

The Azera has been Hyundai's long time flagship model but has never been sold here. Malaysians will probably recognize it as a scaled up Sonata. 

Over the recent years, Hyundai have definitely raised the bar in terms of styling and they continue to keep the ball rolling with the Azera. From the renderings alone, it is clear that Hyundai is taking the Azure's design into battle with the latest offering from the executive market. 

The cascading grille will indeed turn heads and open doors as the styling points to a more premium class. As does the sloping roof line. 

Hyundai have taken a big step away from its predecessor's styling while making sure it is still recognizable. It's safe to say that first impressions are good. 

You can expect to see the all-new Azera in the metal next month but only in Korea. With looks like that, we wouldn't mind if Hyundai Motors decide to sell it in Malaysia.


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