November 28, 2016 @ 11:40 AM

Hyundai Jumps onto the Autonomous bandwagon

Hyundai take the covers off the Autonomous IONIQ Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Autonomous IONIQ concept is designed to look and feel as if it is no different to any other car. Unlike most autonomous vehicles that carry a radar unit on its roof, the IONIQ's LiDAR system is placed in its front bumper, allowing it to look like an average car of sorts to the untrained eye. 


With simplicity being key in designing, the IONIQ integrates forward facing radar Smart Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist cameras into the LiDAR technology to receive feedback from the environment. The system is trained to read location, speed of other vehicles in the path, lane marking, traffic signals and pedestrian proximity in order to plan a safe driving route. 

Hyundai MnSoft technology provides high definition mapping data such as location accuracy, road grade and lane width. A more common Blind Spot Detection radar assists the system in making safe lane changes. Other features on the Autonomous IONIQ will the same ones to be found on the Hyundai IONIQ, making it user friendly and easy to use in both active and self-driving mode. 


Earning a license to test autonomous cars in urban environments early this year, Hyundai Motor have deployed three autonomous IONIQs and two Autonomous Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles in South Korea. At the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) coming up in January 2017, Hyundai Motor will show off two autonomous IONIQs driving up and down the fames Las Vegas strip as a effort to etch their self driving car to the market. 

The Korean car maker will put their system to the test infront of the media by tackling several unforeseen real world obstacles among which are road constructions, children at play and dogs without a leash. 




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