November 25, 2016 @ 07:13 PM

Honda Malaysia to increase airbag replacement stock availability

If you are driving an affected unit and has yet to replace the airbag inflator, Honda Malaysia brings some good news

Safety is not something that one should take for granted and Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is doing their best in ensuring the well-being of their customers. To further project their commitment in the Takata airbag recall issue, Honda is encouraging their customers to urgently replace their affected front airbag inflators as they will be stocking them up in their inventory and increasing the efforts on the replacement activities as well.


To those who might not have an idea of how dangerous these affected airbags can be, they may deploy with excessive internal pressure which might cause the airbag inflator casing to rupture. This may result in injury to the driver and passenger, or the worst-case scenario imaginable, death.


Honda Malaysia will increase the stock availability for Takata passenger front airbag inflators by 55 per cent by the end of November 2016, which is a month earlier than their expected timeframe. The stock will gradually increase to 70 per cent availability by the end of December 2016. As of 23 November 2016, Honda has replaced more than 175,000 out of the 264,000 affected driver front airbag inflators which equals to a completion ratio of 66 per cent.


To make it easier and more convenient for the customers to replace their affected airbag inflators, Honda Malaysia is extending the current 11 Mobile Hubs at shopping malls to a total of 18 shopping malls until 25 December 2016. The latest locations of the Mobile Hubs are updated at or


Aside from logging into the websites to check on their vehicle recall status, customers can also reach Honda via their toll-free number at 1-800-88-2020.


Hussein Zain


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