July 15, 2016 @ 02:43 PM

Honda’s Takata Airbag problem thickens

Honda is running low on replacement inflators! Here is their statement.

Due to the massive amount of recalls regarding the Takata airbag issue, Honda Malaysia has hit a problem. There has been a frenzy to have airbag inflators replaced since Honda announced that the most recent fatal car crash involving a Honda City was caused by the inflator issue. The company is now facing a capacity issue regarding stock availability of the inflators. 

To address the issue, Honda Malaysia released the following statement:

Honda Malaysia sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused by Takata airbag inflator recalls and would like to apologize to our affected customers for the low stock of the replacement parts and for not being able to meet the replacement demands from the customers recently. We would like to assure that Honda is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our customers who are affected by the current situation coming from the Takata airbag inflator issue. We have been working to secure an increasing supply of replacement parts from Takata, asking them to improve the supply of replacement parts, and we continue to expand the supply from other suppliers, such as Daicel, Autoliv and TRW. Honda Malaysia will continuously take every possible measure to ensure the replacement parts become promptly available so that our customers’ vehicles can be repaired as soon as possible.

1. Parts Supply and Stock Availability Outlook
Honda is currently working with Takata Corporation to increase supply for the replacement parts, and the replacement parts for Takata DRIVER front airbag inflators have started arriving since last week. We will ensure the replacement parts are delivered to all our dealers nationwide as soon as possible. Based on our thorough studies on the supply, we are now certain that Honda Malaysia will be able to have 100% stock availability for Takata DRIVER front airbag inflators by mid-August 1 2016 to ensure the replacement of the affected parts of the relevant recalls.

In the meantime, as for the replacement parts for the affected Takata PASSENGER front airbag inflators, we are still unable to give indications when we will be able to secure 100% stock availability in Malaysia, due to the shortage of the parts we have been experiencing globally since May 2016. Honda Malaysia will continue our best efforts to improve our stock level as soon as possible for the replacement. The company plans to inform our customers when the parts availability outlook becomes much clearer.

Due to the multiple recalls for Takata front airbag inflators, it would be possible that one vehicle is recalled for both Takata driver and passenger front airbags inflators. In this circumstance, however, there is a possibility that both airbags inflators in the vehicle might not be changed at one time due to the low availability of the replacement parts for Takata PASSENGER front airbag inflators. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and would like to seek for our customers’ understanding.

2. Service Capacity
While we work towards ensuring enough stock for replacement, we also look into our servicing capacity ensuring priority for airbag inflator change. Thus, we are focusing on the following measures to increase the capacity for Takata airbag inflator related recalls:

a. Reduce the Preventive Maintenance Service Schedule (maintenance service) intake starting 20th July 2016 at our dealers to 50% in order to increase the capacity for airbag inflator replacement. As priority is being given to airbag inflator replacement, there is a possibility that the normal preventive maintenance service might not be met. Honda Malaysia, in such cases, will extend the maintenance period and reflect accordingly in the warranty period of the involved cars.

b. Open three (3) temporary Central Hubs to further increase capacity for airbag inflator replacement. These three hubs will operate 7 days a week to provide additional centres for airbag inflator replacement, helping alleviate limited dealer capacities for airbag inflator replacement activity, and also to provide storage for the required parts. The locations of the Central Hubs will be announced soon.

c. Open Mobile Hubs nationwide to make it more convenient for customers to reach servicing venues and to ensure faster and easier airbag inflator replacement process. The locations and details of these Mobile Hubs will be announced soon. 

We sincerely regret the inconvenience and distress caused by the Takata front airbag inflator recalls and parts shortage, as well as the delay in updating the replacement parts availability outlook. Safety of our customers is our highest priority and Honda Malaysia will do the best to ensure parts availability and sufficient service capacity together with our authorized dealers in Malaysia. We thank our customers for their kind patience and understanding. In an effort to provide better platform for communication, Honda Malaysia has set up a special page www.productrecall.honda.com.my so that customers can log in to have better understanding on recall process flow. We have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to address customers’ concern and queries on the website for easy reference.

Honda Malaysia is also extending the airbag replacement programme to parallel imported Honda vehicles. This means that vehicles that are not sold by authorised Honda dealers in Malaysia will also get to have their inflators replaced should their cars be discovered to be affected by the Takata airbag issue. All cost will be borne by Honda Malaysia as well. 

Jerrica Leong 

PS: Your VIN number is located on the passenger's side centre pillar or engine bay firewall. Or you can pull out your car grant to find the number. Don't worry, scroll down the page of Honda's productrecall website for more instructions.

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