November 24, 2016 @ 11:59 AM

Next-gen interior reimagined with the Acura Precision Cockpit

Acura simplifies the cockpit not only for the driver’s eyes, but for the hands as well

Putting electrification, automated driving and connectivity into the spotlight, Acura took the attention of the crowd at the AutoMobility LA as they revealed a near-production version of their Acura Precision Cockpit. This next generation interior goes beyond traditional approaches where it combines an ergonomic design with a modern operating system and a touchpad-based interface.


This is also Acura’s way of hinting the sporty future of the brand as the Acura Precision Cockpit’s seats, steering wheel and drive mode dial received inspiration from the NSX. To give the whole cockpit a premium feel, it is finished with brushed metal, natural wood and alcantara, with the addition of LED lighting to accentuate the cabin’s design aesthetic.

Ditching the typical speedometer or dials, the main instrument panel now features a 12.3-inch screen for the driver that displays ultra-clear and high contrast images. There is also another matching centre display strategically placed in the cabin, close to the driver’s line-of-sight, which can be operated via a curved touchpad that eliminates the need for a button or switch.


Acura claims that the Acura Precision Cockpit brings the benefit of connectivity and semi-automated driving technology. Take for example when the automated systems are engaged, the main panel will display all the vehicles on the road including objects obscured from vision to predict future pathways, thus building the user’s confidence in the car’s automated systems.

Although touchscreens are making its way in most of today’s cars, they are not really the best systems to work with where it is situated away from the driver’s natural line-of-sight. And remote-based interface also has its flaws where some of them are indirect and clumsy.


This is where Acura’s absolute positioning comes to the rescue where every spot on the touchpad is mapped to a specific function on the main display and “it’s also designed to be quickly and easily adopted, as drivers become acclimated and comfortable in minutes”, said Dave Marek, Acura’s executive creative director.

Also, being previewed is the Android-based, next-generation Acura OS which will be powering future production cars. Drivers will experience a hassle-free experience operating the system as it features a clean user interface and dedicated zones make switching from audio to notifications a breeze. A prototype of the Acura Precision Cockpit will soon evolve into a new interior design for production vehicles and we might just see it being used in the next couple of years.


Hussein Zain


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