December 09, 2016 @ 07:05 PM

Go Auto partners with Fukuta to make Malaysia an EV Hub

Go Auto collaborates with Fukuta Electric & Machinery Company Ltd. Taiwan to develop an electric vehicle ecosystem in Malaysia.

Go Automobile Manufacturing (Go Auto) are the local assemblers of Haval vehicles (formerly Great Wall) and have been pursuing electric vehicles and technologies. Their deal with Fukuta essentially strengthens their efforts and coincides with Malaysia's aim to become a hub for manufacturers and EV components in the ASEAN region. 


Malaysia's STRIKE program, organised by MIGHT Technology Nurturing, works hand in hand with local companies to create opportunities to develop green technology. Being the leading company in developing this EV ecosystem program, Go Auto has led the Green Mobility cluster during the STRIKE Program which comprises of Renewable Energy(Solar), Green Mobility, Bio Degradation of Materials and Smart City.


Among the objectives of the cooperation between the two companies is to develop R&D facilities for the EV system components such as high efficiency power motors and transmission systems. With Fukuta's experience and qualifications in the EV industry, the future looks bright. Fukuta is proudly responsible for developing the power motors that power the Tesla models and also other electric car companies. 

Other than power motors, Go Auto will also venture into building other components such as EV batteries and communication controlling systems with other partner vendors in the vendor development program organized by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Together with creating new vendors to manufacture and supply the EV components, GO Auto will be creating more jobs in Green Mobility as per the STRIKE programs intention. 


Go Auto-Fukuta signing ceremony was officiated by Dato' SM Azli Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Kamil, the Executive Director of Go Auto, together with Gordon Chang, the Fukuta Managing Director, on a working visit which began on 21st to 26th November 2016.


Azli mentioned that development and construction of the facilities are coming along well and have a production target of 10,000 per year. Go Auto are also aiming to put electric busses on the streets of Malaysia by the end of 2017 thanks to a cooperative agreement with Higer. 




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