October 17, 2016 @ 06:26 PM

​Marathon Running 101 by Ford

Ford's EcoBoost engineer gives you tips on how to run a marathon. Interestingly, the tips seem to have a lot to do with Ford cars and efficient driving.

Dallis Sun's job at Ford involves the widely popular Ecoboost engines. He says that the job has influenced him to become a better marathon runner. From a person who couldn't finish a half marathon, Dallis has now proudly completed six half marathons.  Breaking it down to six aspects, Dallis hopes to improve your marathon running skills as well. So here we go. 

First is knowing the terrain. Dallis says knowing the terrain is as crucial as mapping your route before a long drive. Being aware of the roads ahead will help you save fuel just like how you can save energy and use it better on a well planned marathon.

Next is having a smooth start. Rushing into a run from the start is a waste of precious energy. You want to start off at a steady pace so you can go further with your energy reserves. Dallis relates that  how you tend to waste fuel by getting on the throttle quickly rather than easing into it. 

Weight Reduction! That’s the third tip. The more weight you carry, the more energy you're going to be burning. So, keep it light with less to almost no gadgets. Just like the award winning Ecoboost engines that are smartly designed to be light and compact. 

The fourth tip Dallis gives us is to switch on your inner cruise control. Basically, maintaining a steady pace with no unnecessary speeding that will deplete your energy. Don't get involved in a personal race with someone and waste your energy before the end of the marathon. But what if someone tailgates me?! 

Now I have no doubt that this is car related. The next tip is Aerodynamics. In a marathon, this refers to your posture and arms position. Cutting a neat line through the air will be the most efficient with the least amount of energy used. Dallis employed the help of a running coach to correct his arm swinging to be closer to his body as he runs. This resulted in reduced drag as he runs. Much like how driving with the windows down on a long journey causes more drag.

Lastly, pace yourself. Dallis suggests that you should save your energy to give a boost towards the end of the race. He has set personal best times with this technique. By pacing yourself throughout the entire run, you are more aware of your energy levels so you have control on not burning out before the end. Dallis says training is key and to remember that smooth and steady always wins the race.

Cheeky don't you think? Ford's attempt to get their product info and efficient driving tips into your subconscious. A commendable effort by relating real world sport to automobiles. Well done Ford.


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