October 12, 2016 @ 11:47 AM

​Thai style Ford Ranger anyone?

Ford invests in Thailand manufacturing plant to meet massive Ranger demands for the Asia Pacific region.

If someone from the 70's takes a walk and sees the pickup truck scene nowadays, he'd be confused. Pickup trucks used to be utilitarian vehicles, used by the rough and tough working men and those who lived in places a low riding sedan simply couldn't manage. 

Nowadays, the pickup truck is more of a lifestyle vehicle. It's a symbol of cool and style. Go ahead, spend a couple of days around Klang Valley and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. These trucks are rolling off the showrooms and straight into the shop for some flashy wheels and a catchy sticker wrap. The Ford Ranger has been gaining popularity everywhere it's been on sale, taking the prize as the second best selling pickup in Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and best selling in new Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia and Myanmar. 

Despite the fact that it’s priced slightly higher than its fellow pickup trucks, Ford makes sure their customers get value for money. A classy gadget filled interior to match its continental exterior. What's a daily driver without in-car connectivity? The Ranger comes with Ford's SYNC system and a full touchscreen display. Front sensors and a Rear-View Camera is there to help you while you park the behemoth of a thing. For those of you who aren't used to driving a pickup truck, it takes a while to get to grips with the size and necessary steering inputs. 

For those who still use the Ranger as the rugged machine it was designed to be, don't worry, Ford hasn't forgotten about you. The Ranger is the only one in its class  that can drive through 800mm of water without worry of the water getting into unwanted places. With a ground clearance of 230mm the undercarriage is pretty safe as well, allowing you to tackle some really extreme terrains. Along with a bunch of electronics to keep things under control, the baby Raptor is a proper all rounder.

Ford plans to have the Rangers flow out of the factory at a steady rate to meet its demands. That is exactly why they've invested $186million in Ford Thailand Manufacturing, to boost Ranger productions at the AutoAlliance Thailand main facility. 

The Secretary General of Thailand Board of Investment mentioned that Ford plays an important role in the development of Thailand's automotive industry, helping Thailand strengthen its position as a leading automotive manufacturing and export hub. 

Mark Kaufman, president of Ford ASEAN said that this investment expresses Ford's confidence in Thailand. A win win situation for Thailand as well. Ever since the joint-venture between Thailand and Ford, the American motor company has invested more than US$2.7 billion and employs around 10,000 of employees. That ought to bode well for Thailand's economy.


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