October 04, 2016 @ 03:12 PM

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T prances into Malaysia

Eight cylinders, four seats, four wheel steering and most importantly... two turbochargers

Ferrari are embracing turbocharging vehemently with forced induction boosting a number of its models and it has now reached the GTC4Lusso T that was launched in Malaysia simuletaneously with its official launch at the Paris Motor Show. The turbocharged V8 is the second engine variant for the four-seater shooting brake, slotting in below the V12 GTC4Lusso.
Ditching four cylinders but compensating with two turbochargers, the GTC4Lusso T is powered by a 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 that pumps out 601 purebred Italian ponies with 760Nm of torque. For comparisons sake, the flagship V12 makes more power but less torque at 680bhp and 679Nm.

Ferrari is adamant though that the GTC4Lusso T is not merely packing a different engine as the changes extend far beyond that. Power is sent only to the rear wheels, unlike the all-wheel drive V12 model. The transmission of choice is still the Getrag seven-speed F1 DCT unit that works with Variable Boost Management to adjust the torque delivery in accordance with the gear selected. The four wheel steering is still present and features the Side Slip Control (SSC3).
The new engine and reduced weight allowed the engineers to completely change the way the car feels on the road. With the removal of the front driveshafts, the weight split now favours the rear for livelier handling.

Performance figures check in at 3.5-seconds for the century sprint with a top speed of 320kmh.
Inside, the most functional Ferrari houses 10.25-inch full HD touchscreen in the dash with two smaller 5.0-inch TFT VGA displays flanking the centrally-mounted tachometre. Completing the list of displays is the optional 8.8-inch full HD touchscreen display for the front passenger.

Screens aside, the interior of the GTC4Lusso T is identical to the V12 model with changes in trim. The only giveaway would be the GTC4Lusso T badging on the end of the passenger’s side of the dashboard.
During the preview, the shooting brake was introduced with a base price of RM1,088,000 excluding tax and duties.

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