October 26, 2016 @ 05:41 PM

​Let’s talk Golf, Shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready for the countdown to November to the new generation Golf!

The Golf has been continuously refined through its seven generations but experts have agreed that the most defining moment in the Golf’s history arrived with the decision to create the Golf MkII in the late 70’s  by further developing the Golf MK I’s design DNA and voila! The Golf phenomenon was created. Dubbed as the Volkswagen of all Volkswagen cars it was the brand’s perfect image, a compact car with a classless status that is able to reach out to all levels of society.

Staying in retrospect, the Golf MkII evolved into a more aerodynamic and bigger vehicle with its designers creating new details but holding true to the Golf MkI's DNA. The rear lights of the MKII were moved further up above the bumper a contrast of its older sibling which had its rear lights just above the bumper. It was something no other car had in 1983, the year the Golf MkII t was launched. However the C-pillar configuration remains the same across all of the Golf’s generations.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen had this to say about the Golf in 1983: “The Golf must remain a Golf. So no redesign should move away from the Golf concept – yet it should still be a new car from bumper to bumper, abiding by the fundamental principles: concept continuity, progress in detail and quality.” It was the formula for world success”.

Back to reality, we will still have to patiently wait until November for Volkswagen to show us how the Golf has further evolved with its update to the unique gem.
OK, for those of you who have not seen the MKII before you can check out this video: 

And, for those of you have, well let’s take a walk down memory lane anyway. 

Yeap Ming Liong

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