March 02, 2017 @ 04:35 PM

It is time to say goodbye

CAR Malaysia has well and truly come to an end. But we’re going to continue on Behind the Wheel

In a blink of an eye, it’s already March. I’ve been putting this moment off for the longest time telling the editor and the many people above me that CAR’s website will officially end in February. And now, February has ended, making this the last time I’m going to put paper to pen (or in this case, opening a Word Document) for CAR Malaysia.


It has been a fun three years for us, technically the magazine has been in publication for four years, but the current team took over the magazine a little over the year later and has since produced 33 issues with one writer change in between. This Content Producer has written a total of 32 issues!


Special thanks to all our advertisers for the support and all our readers for sticking by us for the past four years. We know we haven’t been flawless, but we have tried to make everything as mistake free as we can. So please forgive us for the mistakes that you have spotted that we didn’t!


We’ve bid our adieu on the February issue of CAR Malaysia, now it is time to do the same for the website. It has been a pleasure coming up with content for the website, as the Content Producer I have the privilege to run this website that was created as an extension to our magazine. I hope you have enjoyed my throwback features Legends and Legacies and Friday Fives, it was always fun writing these features but it was extremely tough coming up with content and ideas to write. 


If you haven’t yet pick up a copy of CAR, we hope you would soon! It is our last issue and we’ve been scratching our heads until our hair came off, then again DC doesn’t have any hair, to come up with the best way to say our farewell. We’ve even done a throwback on the greatest features we’ve ever done. 


Goodbye from the three of us… don’t worry, this isn’t the last you will hear or read of us, or in Chris’ case see of him, our journey with CAR Malaysia may have ended but our adventures Behind the Wheel will continue on. Stay tuned to this website


Jerrica Leong


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