December 06, 2016 @ 07:14 PM

Caltex jumps on the Euro 5 diesel bandwagon

20 stations expected to carry the clean diesel in early 2017

In line with the increasing demand for clean diesel in the country, Chevron Malaysia Limited; the purveyors of the Caltex brand, launched its Euro 5 clean diesel will be marketed under the Caltex Power Diesel with Techron D banner.

The diesel contains near-zero sulphur content at 10 parts per million over the current Euro 2M diesel with a content of 500 parts per million. Furthermore, the Techron D additives promise to clean the fuel injectors and control deposit build up that would otherwise hinder performance.

Diesels with high sulphur content increases the build up of deposits around the injectors nozzle, reducing the volume of diesel injection and disrupting the fine mist pattern that is a catalyst for an optimum air and fuel mixture. Expect decreased fuel economy as well as engine performance and an increase in emissions if that happens.

Various lab testing and research has proven the Caltext Power Diesel with Techron D is capable of almost completely eradicating deposit build up and protecting the metal surfaces against corrosion. It also produces less foam for a quicker and cleaner fill.

Currently, only the Radiant Star Caltex outlet in Jalan Presiden U1/1, off Persiaran Kerjaya in Glenmarie, carries the clean diesel but a further 20 outlets are expected to join that list in early 2017 and will focus on key demand areas such as the Klang Valley and Johor. Pricing will follow the industry norm of 10 cents more than Euro 2M diesel.

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