October 18, 2016 @ 12:12 PM

​Bosch launches the new Clear Advantage Wipers in Malaysia

Specially designed thanks to extensive research, here’s the wiper to keep your visibility clear when it rains

Receiving an average of 250cm of rain annually, it is safe to say that we Malaysians depend on our windshield wipers a lot. And if you have one of those pesky wipers that just couldn’t get the job done, you can now breathe a sigh of relief when facing torrential downpour as Bosch Automotive Aftermarket recently announced the launch of their latest flat-blade wiper, the Bosch Clear Advantage.

Offering superior performance even in extreme weather, suspended rubber on conventional wiper blades often create differences in pressure points which results in some sections left uncovered. Incorporating a mono spring and an exclusive rubber formulation from Bosch’s flat-blade technology, Clear Advantage Wiper gets the job done by applying even pressure along the entire wiper blade and windshield, improving wiping performance and ensuring smoother, cleaner and quieter strokes.

“Today, the same flat-blade technology is now the car manufacturers’ choice for an estimated 90% of new vehicles in Europe. The flat-blade technology trend has already started in Japan and we expect Asia to pick up the same trend in the coming years,” said Mr Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Malaysia.

The Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers will work well in our climate as it was specifically engineered for tropical climate in Asia and is able to deliver unparalleled wiping endurance, performing at optimum levels even after 200,000 wipe cycles. And you shouldn’t be worried on the compatibility as the new Bosch flat-blade wiper fits 96 per cent of vehicles in the ASEAN region as it comes with a highly compatible quick clip adaptor. The wipers are now available on Lazada and major car accessory shops at a price tag of RM65 a pair.

As a part of Bosch’s ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ vehicle safety campaign and in conjunction with the launch of the new Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers, the Bosch Rover will make its way to 90 locations across Peninsular Malaysia to advocate safe driving and highlighting potential dangers of underestimating the importance of quality and reliable car parts.

The campaign is targeted at the everyday driver and will make its appearance at business centers, hypermarkets, media houses and petrol stations. Taking place from October 2016 to January 2017, visitors can look forward to interactive activities including lucky draws and contests, as well as promotional prices on selected Bosch products.

Participants can take part in the Spin & Win contest for customers with purchases over RM70, a Facebook Photo Caption contest for non-purchasing customers, or those with sleight of hand can put their skills to the test in the Time Challenge contest that measures the fastest contestant removing and installing a set of wipers. Winners stand a chance walking home with a pair of the newly introduced Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers.

Hussein Zain

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