October 21, 2016 @ 10:51 AM

​More Power, Limited Units and a DTM badge. What's not to love?

Just when you thought the M4 was as good as it gets, BMW have made an even more hardcore M4 dubbed the M4 DTM Champion Edition.

It's been built to commemorate BMW successfully bagging the DTM driver's title yet again with Marco Wittman behind the wheel. BMW have bluntly admitted that the M4 DTM Champion Edition is going to be a track focussed machine and a true collector's item. Harking back to the original BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile to the ultra rare E46 CSL, BMW has the habit of building limited edition track munching monsters that hold immense value as they age. 

As the name suggests, this latest version of the M4 has taken much influence from the famous DTM race series. The twin turbocharged 3.0 now puts out 500bhp and 600Nm thanks to the water injection technology it shares with the M4 GTS. Top speed is capped at 305kph while 0 to 100kph is done in 3.8seconds.

Michelin is on hand with their Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres to keep things on the deck. If you're a drift junkie, just remember that the fronts are 265/35 R19 and the rears are 285/30 R20. So replacing those tyres are not going to be cheap. Suspensions are three way adjustable coilovers, allowing drivers to fine tune the car's setup depending on preference. Racing requires tough brakes and BMW have seen to that by equipping the DTM with fade free carbon ceramic discs that keep you going harder for longer. 

M4 GTS owners will feel rather at home in the DTM since the interior is pretty much the same except in the DTM you do get air-conditioning and a GPS system. Seeing that the main job is to set record breaking lap times, the office in question has to do its part for the mission. Sinking into the Alcantara M Carbon bucket seats, you'll face the M sports steering wheel and a little grey stripe to mark the "12 o'clock" position. The M driving experience is limited to just two people as the rear seats are replaced with a rollover bar to increase rigidity and safety.  

M division has put the DTM Edition on a diet with the help of of carbon fibre reinforced plastic on the bonnet, roof and instrument panel support. You probably won't notice the weight loss as you drive down to the mamak shop, but every gram counts when you're chasing lap times in Sepang. BMW have swapped the regular tailpipes to lightweight titanium ones. That ought to help with the soundtrack. 

It won't be difficult to differentiate the DTM from normal M4's since it’s fitted with a dry carbon aerodynamic package. Lots of little components have been tweaked and added to provide a more aggressive stance. Not the mention the work of art that is the rear end with its carbon wing, carbon rear diffuser and mesmerizing OLED taillights. The overall look is tastefully topped off with a set of unique light weight star spoke design 666 M alloys finished in matte Orbit Grey.

Keeping with the limited edition recipe, only 200 units will be made and exclusively in Alpine White. So hurry up and get on the phone to BMW if you want one. 


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