October 04, 2016 @ 01:35 PM

Adding up for more with BHPetrol Infiniti

New Infiniti Diesel formulation adds specially-engineered additives for modern diesel engines

It was a first for the Malaysian market when Boustead Petroleum Marketing, the distributor of BHPetrol fuel here, introduced the Euro 5 grade diesel last year and not being ones to rest on their laurels, have now launched an the Euro 5 and Euro 2M Infiniti Diesel that features the latest in additives for modern diesel engines.
Modern diesel engines operate at higher temperatures and utilise increased pressure in the fuelling system to achieve a cleaner burn and reduced emissions. The drawback is the higher temperatures and pressure can result in the formation of deposits that run the risk of clogging the injectors.
With modern diesel injectors running extremely fine orifices for a smooth, misty spray, the deposits could potentially block the fine nozzles and result in an imperfect spray that burns less efficiently. Furthermore, clogged nozzles will also result in issues with cold-start, idling and excessive smoke.
With some of the nozzles as small as 0.09mm; the width of a human hair, you can see how it is pretty easy for them to get clogged.
Additionally, the engines also require low sulphur content to function and the Euro 5 diesel addresses this issue. However, the sulphur content alone is inadequate and as modern diesel engines also need to run on fuels with specially-engineered additives.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specify that modern diesel engines cannot suffer from a power loss of more than 2.0 per cent. The Euro 5 Infiniti Diesel with just the minimum treat rate of specially-engineered additives adheres to the requirements of modern diesel engines but BHPetrol goes the extra mile by mixing in the additives to the maximum treat rate; approximately 2.5 times the minimum. These additives have also been blended in with the Euro 2M diesel under the Infiniti banner.
BHPetrol claims the new formulation provides a ‘Clean Up’ and ‘Keep Clean’ performance. ‘Clean Up’ means the additives in the new fuel help remove existing deposits in the engine and ‘Keep Clean’ refers to how it prevents new deposits from forming in the engine.
Even with the additional costs attached with mixing in the maximum treat rate for the additives, BHPetrol will continue to offer the Euro 5 Infiniti diesel at a cost of 10 cents more per litre over the Euro 2M Infiniti diesel and it is available in 105 BHpetrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia.

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