October 12, 2016 @ 12:23 PM

​Audi's elephant gets the heart of a Mouse

Audi launches a new Q7 variant powered by a 2.0TFSI engine and it's got some astonishing figures!

Available from RM524,900, the all new Q7 2.0 TFSI is a massive RM65,000 cheaper than its 3.0L engine sibling. Top up another RM15,000 you will have the option to spec your 7 seater family bus with the S line package. 

The S Line package is a cosmetic kit that gives you a sportier interior, highlighting the sports steering and sports seats that stand out to the naked eye. You also add a little bling to the overall look with 20-inch aluminium wheels along with a more aggressive S Line exterior package to match Audi's signature LED daytime running lights.  Given the Q7's sheer size, the sportier kit tends to shoo people out of the right lane as you come barrelling behind them.

Barrelling up wouldn't be too difficult either. Audi's 2.0TFSI unit has had no issues with performance in any of its applied cars, and it’s business as usual here as well. Putting out 252bhp and importantly 370Nm, the Q7 is more than capable to carry its 2.2tonnes from 0-100kmh in 7.1 seconds. This is actually 0.8 seconds quicker than the previous generation's 3.0-litre Q7. Duly noted Audi. 

Eight gears are at the disposal from the steering mounted paddle shifters while you sail up to the top speed of 233kph and since peak power arrives from 1600 to 4500 rpm, you need not get the needle into the red zone. 

This will help at the pumps too. Thanks the 2.0 engine, fuel consumption is rated at a low 7.4-litre per 100km. As mentioned earlier, the Q7 weighs in at 2.2tonnes which makes it a little of a yacht but it's actually over 300  kilograms lighter than the previous generation Q7. Audi's diet include multi material designs and the usage of aluminium in most of their components. Quite an achievement given that the Q7 has the largest interior in its class. 

Strutting on a set of adaptive air suspension, the Q7 ought to be a real marshmallow of a thing on the road. Audi is insistent on uniting various driving experiences. With that in mind, the suspension works hand in hand with electronically controlled air spring dampers that keeps things exactly how the drivers wants it depending on which driving mode is selected. 

The Q7 has a permanent quattro all wheel drive system. There are two additional modes for the driver to play with based on which is necessary. Allroad mode which increases the ride height by 25mm and Lift/Offroad mode that take it up to 60mm. Both modes are there to keep you from damaging the undercarriage of the vehicle and manoeuvre through the route safely. The advantage of air suspension is, you can not only raise the vehicle, but also lower it. To aid access to the luggage space, the rear axle can be lowered by 45mm. 

The interior really makes you feel like you've spent your money's worth on it. Welcoming you upon your entrance is the multifunction steering. A real European job looking at the blend of functionality and sportiness. Rising out of the exquisitely finished dashboard upon ignition is the Audi MMI infotainment system with a touchpad for character input and gives you access to millions of settings to get your luxo-barge feeling just right.

Is 10 loudspeakers good enough? The Q7's sound system is rather unmatched compared to its rivals and the Audi makes sure it boasts it. I wasn't kidding about this being a 7-seater bus either. The 2 seats up front are electronically adjustable, then there's a yawning chasm before the second bench, followed by an electronically operated third row. If you're only carrying 5, hide the 3rd row away so you get a massive 1955-litre boot space.

Eight airbags in total keep you safe and wrapped up in case things get messy. The quattro system provides immense grip, despite that, should you break traction, you pals ESC, ASR, EBD and ABS are going to do their best to keep you away from harm. 

So the choice is yours. Do you want a cut price Audi Q7 with more affordable roadtax or go the extra mile for the V6 kick in the kidneys?


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