September 02, 2016 @ 05:11 PM

​Aston Martin DB11 "skates" into Asia Pacific

Invites were sent out and the crowd has gathered, now to witness the arrival of the Aston Martin DB11… on ice!

For the first time ever, Aston Martin holds their Art of Living event in the land down under. 50 participants gathered on the 22nd of August at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground ice driving facility for the chance to drive the Aston Martin sports car on ice!

Invites of Aston Martin’s first Art of Living event went out in April 2016 and had garnered interest from all over the world. Enthusiasts were interested to have that once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Aston Martin’s cutting edge technology and dynamic capabilities of the company’s range.

Professional driving instructors were on hand to give directions on how to bring out the best in the range of Aston Martins that were prepared for guests to practice. So customers got to slip and slide against the picturesque background of the Remarkables mountain range.

Patrik Nilsson, President of Aston Martin in Asia Pacific, said: “The Aston Martin DB11 is a hugely significant car continuing the illustrious DB bloodline, and it was crucial its Asia Pacific dynamic debut allowed clients to experience the powerful new model in a highly unique, exhilarating environment. It was an absolute pleasure hearing first impressions of the car, and witnessing the sheer enjoyment of participants from behind the wheel.

Aston Martin also took the opportunity to launch the DB11 into the Asia Pacific region. The DB11 will herald a new era of design and technology where engineers have re-imagined the relationship between form and function with a series of fresh design signatures.

The DB11 is powered by a 5.2-litre twin turbocharged V12 engine that produces 600bhp and 700Nm of torque. This makes the DB11 the most powerful DB model ever in the history of the DB models. The car makes the century sprint in just 3.9 seconds and will hit a top speed of 322kph!

“It is also a testament to DB11’s comprehensive engineering programme that the car ran faultlessly here in New Zealand in freezing temperatures.  We are seeing outstanding demand for DB11 across the Asia Pacific region, and expect this to continue throughout the year and into 2017,” says Patrik Nilsson.

If you’re interested to join 2017 round of the New Zealand On Ice programme, then be sure to register now.

Jerrica Leong 

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