September 21, 2015 @ 06:36 PM

Get your masks on and your sunglasses up, Tarmac Warriors is about to start

We might not have Ken Block, but we have the one and only Karamjit Singh! He will be burning up the tarmac in XLR8!

Have you ever wanted to be up-close and personal with rubber-burning cars? What would you give to experience this first-hand, with adrenaline shooting through your veins and your synapses and the AMG engines firing in all cylinders? To be so close you can actually smell the performance machines that roar and slide with total abandon? 

Well, look no further! Tarmac Warriors aims to showcase the very best of Malaysian motorsports in all its glory, with the help of the one and only Karamjit Singh! So get ready to watch the Mercedes AMG A45, CLA 45 and the GLA 45 sliding sideways and burning up the tarmac in a cloud of smoke!

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The Flying Sikh, as Karamjit is often referred to, is no stranger to the local and international motorsports scene. He has been a successful professional racing driver in the art of rallying since 1985 and has a string of championship titles under his belt.
With The Flying Sikh in full control behind the wheel of the Mercedes AMG cars, you can be sure that Tarmac Warriors will offer plenty of rubber-burning, tyre-screeching and heart-stopping moments that is set to blow you away!
Tarmac Warriors will span the two full days of XLR8 with four showings planned per day. Keep these dates and times in your smartphone, and get them ready to capture the full-on action. The dates are 3rd and 4th October 2015, and the slots are scheduled for 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. 

Tarmac Warriors is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.
See you at XLR8 2015!!!
Jerrica Leong

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