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It’s an art canvas you’ve never seen before

Time for a change, Mercedes-Benz is including urban street art in “the finest things in life”! You’re invited to an Urban Hunt.

Time for a change, Mercedes-Benz is including urban street art in “the finest things in life”! You’re invited to an Urban Hunt.

Ever since the start of the company, Mercedes-Benz has been associated with “the finest things in life”. The first S-Class was launched in the 1970s and the long list of well-known luxury sedans that coddles passengers with powerful engines and a slew of luxury features all packed into a sleek “square” body with classical lines that seem to appeal very much to the middle-aged men. Hence the “uncle-car” image was born. 
While Mercedes-Benz are recreating generation after generation of their famed league-of-their-own models like the E-Class, which is now enjoying huge success of the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid variant in our country, and the C-Class that is sweeping its competition away by storm. 
Contrary to popular belief, Mercedes-Benz has been creating cars that step out of their luxury barge segment since the 1950s. The most notable of those not-so-luxurious but super exclusive cars is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” that is commonly known as the world’s first supercar.
If you’ve noticed that the latest generation of models looked radically different from the old, you’re right! Mercedes-Benz has changed their style. Gone are the boxy square-jawed cars and in are the stylish grilles and lines drawn with aerodynamic slipperiness in mind giving the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class a young sophisticated appeal. So even if the word “youthful” has continuously eluded the brand they have succeeded in capturing it this time around with their latest generation of compact car models. 
But in order to capture the essence of youth and what it means to be free-spirited once more they will have to up their game even more. It had taken them a few tries with their hatchback model but MB has finally came up with a stylish hatchback that will give the most popular hatchback in the world a run for its money. It certainly caught this early-twenties-Content Producer’s eye, along with the number of adults in their early twenties that she hangs around with.
The A-Class came along in 1997, this is Mercedes-Benz’s first proper step into the highly demanded hatchback segment. Let’s just say that the A-Class had not started off the most stylish car in its segment. The first generation, W168, was introduced only in a five-door variant but the second generation includes a three-door variant as well. The latest generation, the W176, is the best the A-Class has ever looked yet. And it has definitely drawn attention from the market that MB had been aiming at when they re-drew the lines of the car. 
Racing decals? Chrome artwork? They’re all too conventional! Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has invited local street artists Orkibal, Donald Abraham and Fritilldea to recreate the A-Class’s suave look for their Urban Hunting campaign. The Urban Street car is your invitation to go hunting with Mercedes-Benz’s Urban Hunters who will be going around the country in search of the best street art.

The A-Class you see here is only just the start of the Urban Hunting campaign. Two more cars are to come and they are equally young and stylish. You have the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 and the first Mercedes compact SUV, the GLA. The A-Class was custom designed by Orkibal himself, if you’re curious to see how Donald Abraham intends to educate you in the art of street style then be sure to catch the debut of the fusion of design and aerodynamic engineering CLA 200!
If you want to catch the artists in action and get an even more intense urban experience head over to the road-shows where the artists will be doing some touch-ups and artwork repairs on the cars. Don’t worry if you’re living in Penang or near it, the Urban Hunters will be heading up there as well! Their first stop will be Paragon Mall, Penang, from the 19th to 21st June 2015. Urban Hunting artists Orkibal, Donald Abraham and Fritilldea will be there as well as the Urban Hunting cars the A250 and the CLA 200! 
Of course you can’t go urban hunting and miss out on the state of all historical art! The Urban Hunters will be heading down to Malacca at the end of the month, be sure to head to Cat Walk Club, Malacca, on the 26th and 27th June to pay the Urban Hunters a visit!
When you see the cars be sure to hashtag #MBMYPhotos in your pictures of the Urban Street car and tell us how the Urban Hunters has changed your mind. For the latest updates of the campaign stay tuned to the hashtags #carmagmy and #MYUrbanHunting or check out Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s Facebook page. You don’t want to miss the CLA and the GLA’s debut covered in #UrbanStreetArt!
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