November 10, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

News: Toyota Eco-Youth Challenge crowns the winners

The gruelling Toyota Eco-Youth Challenge has finally come to an end with SMK Hamzah 2 crowned as champions. By Jerrica Leong

The gruelling Toyota Eco-Youth Challenge has finally come to an end with SMK Hamzah 2 crowned as champions. By Jerrica Leong
Toyota recently concluded the 2014 Toyota Eco-Youth (TEY) Challenge and crowned their winners from all over the country. Congratulations to SMK Hamzah 2 who won first place for their hard work on transforming a dirty back street in Kelantan into an art hub, SMK Paya Kemunting for their second place win and SMK Bertam for their third place finish.

It was a gruelling project for the students of SMK Hamzah 2, it took many hours of cleaning clogged drains and sweating under the hot sun to paint the murals, on top of that the students were required to go from door to door of the shop lots around the area to ask for sponsorship, visiting the local council and universities in order to make the project pull through. But that isn’t all, the students had to come up with a presentation and website to score points to their favour.

All their hard work paid off to leave a lasting impression on the judges of TEY and also upon the Kelantanese when they transformed Lorong Che Mek Molek in Machang into an art hub with colourful and pretty murals, the art pieces also drew praise from the panel of judges. Local traders and visitors alike can now enjoy the new art alley.

SMK Hamzah 2 brought home the grand prize of RM10,000 and in addition to that the school also won the Best Presentation award bringing home another RM1000. But for the winning team the prize money meant little compared to the learning experience and exposure they garnered throughout the project.

SMK Paya Kemunting, Kedah took home the second place prize. The school brought home a total of RM7000 for their project of transforming a polluted water catchment area at Taman Setia Jaya into a mini recreational park for the local residents.

SMK Bertam Indah transformed the At-Takwa’s Mosque’s disorganised Recycling Centre into a neat and tidy area for recycling activities. As a result the school brought home third place in the competition. The team gave the centre’s wall a fresh coat of paint and turned the surrounding area into a mini rock garden complete with flowering plants and seats gave the place an aesthetic feel making it more welcoming and encouraging for people to recycle.

In addition to that, the team also won the Best Website award adding RM1000 to their RM5000 prize money while SMK Labuan took home the Best Exhibition award.

Toyota is proud to note that throughout the 14 years, the contenders of TEY have become more competitive. The aim of the challenge was to cultivate environmental leaders through out of classroom activities and Toyota has accomplished this with the help of the Toyota 8-step Problem Solving Methodology.

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