March 24, 2015 @ 12:59 PM

Another car joins the CKD ranks

Not only is the Camry now locally assembled it also comes in Hybrid form. By Jerrica Leong

Not only is the Camry now locally assembled it also comes in Hybrid form. By Jerrica Leong

Looks like Toyota has decided to expand their list of hybrid models, not only will the company be bringing the Camry in hybrid form to our country it will also be assembled in our country itself. Hopefully this means that the Camry Hybrid would receive the same tax exemption as the Mercedes S 400 Hybrid but this will only be confirmed when the car is officially launched in April.
The assembly of the Toyota Camry Hybrid in Malaysia is in line with the company’s global philosophy to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles across the globe. The first locally assembled Toyota Camry Hybrid CKD rolled off the line of the Toyota’s Assembly Services Sdn Bhd (ASSB) in Shah Alam yesterday. ASSB’s newly set-up line has the capacity to roll out close to 7000 units of the Camry Hybrid over the next nine months, this number is expected to meet UMW Toyota Motor’s sales target of close to 100,000units.
Two other variants will be assembled alongside the Camry Hybrid CKD, the Camry 2.0G and Camry 2.0E. Toyota would like to take this opportunity to ensure their customers that even though the Camry is now assembled locally, they endeavour to offer the best vehicles and quality is met at all times. They have even established several programs to develop and train their engineers at their in-house training centres to keep their word.
More details of the Toyota Camry Hybrid and its other facelifted variants to come soon. But in the meantime if you spot a Camry Hybrid on the roads remember to snap a picture and hashtag us at #carmagmy!

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