February 02, 2016 @ 12:24 AM

Toyota’s plans for 2016

Toyota wants you to get excited with what they have planned for 2016.

Toyota has a new tagline! UMW Toyota announced that Toyota is now “All About The Drive”. You should see the new ad they have prepared for us all featuring a few Toyota Vios doing stunts that most of us would not otherwise be capable of. It really is all about the drive with this one!
The change of tagline is made in conjunction with exciting times ahead for the company. UMW Toyota intends to make things even more exciting by expanding the boundaries of consumer vehicle technology and to keep your journeys safe while adapting to the fast-changing lifestyle. 
But that is just one of the changes that the company has made. UMW Toyota has set a new sales target for 2016 at 87,000 units. This number includes sales from both Toyota and Lexus with 85,000 units for former and 2000 units for the latter.
There are also plans for the company to return to the motorsports scene by the end of the year. The Toyota Gazoo Racing team will be representing the company and UMW believes that the team would be a good platform to promote the brand further.
In terms of product launches to look forward to, UMW has got two in the pipelines. The Toyota Hilux is set to launch in the second quarter of the year while the All-new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are planned for the third quarter. 
Two models to be launched and a racing team, UMW Toyota is looking at a very exciting year up ahead. Stay tuned to our coverage of these launches and the team’s progress into motorsport!
Jerrica Leong 

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