October 13, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

The tale of Mr Karamjit and his AMGs

Head towards the tyre screeching, engine growling’s direction. Not even the loudest cars in King of Clubs can compete with the sound of the Flying Sikh’s AMGs.

Star struck, that was what we were when we stood face to face with Mr Karamjit Singh during the Platinum Experience on Friday night. But come Saturday we forgot our star struck thoughts and all we had was anticipation for the performance that Karamjit will show us.
The Flying Sikh had two choices of cars to choose from; the Mercedes A45 AMG and the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. As you know, both the A45 and the CLA 45 cars share the same engines so both were equally feisty cars only the CLA has a design that was specifically made for speed.
With that in mind, it’s not a wonder at all that the car of choice for the Flying Sikh was the CLA 45 AMG. He only did one session with the A45 before deciding that the CLA loves hugging the slalom cones better. The performances were actually a taxi ride for those who had signed up over at the Kurnia booth situated right in front of the Tarmac Warriors ground for their 15 seconds of action with the rally champion.
So we stood by the straight and watched as the excited people went flying from left than right than left again as Karamjit executed a millimetre perfect slalom course in the AMGs before clinging on to their life as the rally champion executed a high speed 360 degree turn at the end of the straight to continue on with the left-right slalom course back up. Yes, even for those on the side-lines, namely us, could tell that the passengers were thrown sideways as the Flying Sikh executed his performance.
We applaud those who were brave enough to volunteer for the taxi ride, there was even a nine-year-old who eagerly volunteered himself! Special thanks to everybody for turning up at Putrajaya just to catch Mr Karamjit’s performance. And we do apologise for the delay on Saturday, the weather had rendered it impossible to start. But come afternoon we have more volunteers and the more the merrier!
The AMG cars had provided a huge spectacle for everyone to see. The CLA 45 and the A45 AMG proved to be a good companion for a rally champion like Karamjit. This year, Tarmac Warriors was mostly about taxi rides with Mr Karamjit, hopefully next year we would get to see the Flying Sikh really do a number of car stunts, or even better, take the AMGs on a spin in the Gymkhana track laid out for King of Clubs!
Jerrica Leong 

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