March 25, 2016 @ 03:46 PM

First look at the Subaru Forester (click the pictures to enlarge)

At the 37th Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand, Motor Image introduced to us the new Subaru Forester which will be assembled in Malaysia.

There aren’t many changes to the new Subaru Forester, so you still get the same silhouette as the out-going version only with a brand new grille, taillights and rims. This Forester is a facelift, but the biggest difference from the previous version is that two of its variants will come to you CKD.

Yes, the new Subaru Forester will be assembled in Tan Chong Group’s Segambut plant, Tan Chong Motor Assemblies. Pre-production trials commenced in January 2016 with the first production model completed in February, if you want to get up-close and personal with the CKD Forester you can now head over to your nearest Subaru showroom to view it as bookings have already started on the 22nd of March.

Motor Image is offering up three different variants, two of which, the 2.0i and the 2.0i P (Premium) both equipped with an FB20 Boxer Engine that produces 148bhp at 6200rpm, will come to you CKD while the top of the line 2.0XT that is equipped with an FA20 Direct-injection Turbocharged Boxer Engine that produces 238bhp at 5600rpm, will be fully imported.

Let’s allow the car to tell you what is different from the previous version shall we? Click on the images to enlarge.

“Together with the launch of the Forester, Subaru is excited to roll-out a brand-new campaign to highlight the traits of the Forester, an unstoppable vehicle that can turn any challenging terrain into an exciting adventure. The campaign name “Is There Anything You Can’t Do” reminds people that they can achieve anything they have their eyes set on, and the Subaru Forester will accompany them throughout their adventure”, said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong International Ltd.

The official launch will be on 14th April 2016 with an estimated price at RM144,160 for the Forester 2.0i, RM153,700 for the Forester 2.0i-P and RM210,940 for the top-spec Forester XT.

Jerrica Leong

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