August 24, 2015 @ 04:40 PM

Renault Megane R.S. 265 gets a major facelift

If the previous Renault Megane catches the eye, this facelift just grabs your attention and would not release it.

The Renault Megane finally joins the rest of the Renault family design identity. It’s now more stylish than ever and sportier than the outgoing version. 
From an enlarged Renault logo in the back to the new headlights that stand out with their gloss black “eyelids” to a new front bumper fitted with an F1-inspired spoiler design integrated with six LED daytime running lights on each side. There is no way you can miss this stylish coupe with its flared wheel arches and matte black 18-inch Tibor alloy wheels as it comes down the road.
Inside, Renault has given the Megane brand new Recaro seats that sports dual leather-fabric upholstery and Renault Sport-embroidered headrests. The biggest difference on in the inside is the addition of the new seven-inch full-colour display touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity to support the brand new R.S. Monitor 2.0. 
R.S. Monitor 2.0 includes all the usual functions as well as a set of functions for real-time display and vehicle data acquisition. The system also allows drivers to scientifically map the car’s performance and their progress to identity areas of improvement on the track. The R.S. Monitor 2.0 is also equipped with the all-new R.S. Replay function for sharing motorsport fun with friends. Drivers will be able to save their data on a USB key and replay their track performance, position of their car, steering wheel angle and pedal travel.
The R.S. Drive system is another addition to the facelifted Megane. The system provides drivers with the option of various levels of stability control and engine response. The three modes that you get in the outgoing model, Normal, Sport and Race (ESC off) that unleashes all the raw power of the Megane R.S. 265.
Other upgrades include keyless entry and engine start/stop with the walkaway lock function, four-eye reverse sensor with camera and four speakers with four tweeters. The anti-roll bar has also been stiffened by 13 per cent while the front axis stiffness has been reduced by 35 per cent and 38 per cent in the rear. 
Renault has also managed to improve the safety aspect of the Megane as well. The Megane R.S. 265 Cup has secured a Euro NCAP five-star rating after achieving the full score of 37 points. The programmed crumple zones that helps minimise impact forces and six high-efficiency air-bags adds to the five-star rating. 
Renault is selling the Megane R.S. 265 Sport for RM203,631.65 on-the-road with GST and RM241,651.37 on-the-road with GST.
But the 265 is not the only car that was launched that night, Renault also delivered ten Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-Rs. That’s right, this is the variant that lapped and broke the world record as the fastest front-wheel drive production car with a time of 7 minutes 54.36seconds.
The Trophy R is capable of a peak power of 275bhp at 5500rpm and a maximum torque of 360Nm from 3000rpm to 5000rpm. The car is at least 100kg lighter than the 265 and utilises an Akraprovic exhaust system. Owners also get special 19-inch Speedline Turini wheels that wear specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres and Ohlin’s new adjustable Road and Track dampers while body height can be adjusted by compressing the Allevard composite springs.
Inside Alcantara leather covers the entire dashboard including the steering wheel while drivers get cocooned in single-piece polycarbonate seats. And to make the Trophy-R closer to the Nurburgring record-setting version, owners can spice their cars up with the standard Nurburgring Pack that comes with wider braking kit and includes a lithium-ion battery that weighs lesser than lead batteries, two Sabelt safety harnesses, four spare wheel covers and a retaining strap.
Renault is selling the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R at RM300,000 on the road inclusive of GST without insurance but if you’re looking to buy one, douse those candles, as the Trophy-R is limited to ten units and all ten has found their respective owners!
Jerrica Leong

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