September 09, 2014 @ 02:05 PM

Renault Fluence launched with estimated price of RM115k

Renault Malaysia finally dips its toes into the mass market pie, everyone should be worried. By Chris Ng

Renault Malaysia finally dips its toes into the mass market pie, everyone should be worried. 
By Chris Ng
For years now, Renault doesn’t have much sway when it comes to the typical three-box saloon car segment. The last time they’ve offered a vehicle that the masses could afford was the Kangoo, which happen so many moons ago. The recent introduction of sporty and luxury vehicles have somewhat shifted the perception that Renault wants a firmer grip on the performance end of the pyramid. That’s not the case.
It took the company three years to introduce the Fluence to our shores when everywhere else has been enjoying theirs for the same amount of time – better late than never. And then, there’s the price. The Fluence has an estimated price of RM115,000, which asks tough, tough questions its C-segment competitors. 
For that kind of money, the Fluence nets you a 2.0-litre 16V engine that produces 140bhp; usual for cars in this class. The mill is mated to the new X-Tronic CVT gearbox that comes with its own oil cooler. 
Auto headlamps and wipers, hands-free card key with remote central locking and engine start button are just some of the thing that comes in a feature-packed Fluence. In terms of safety, the car has the usual ABS, EBD and brake assist as well as electronic stability control (ESP) and anti-skid regulation (ASR), and six airbags. Renault has also included the R-Link multimedia system, which encompasses a seven-inch touchscreen display, voice commands, navigation, telephony and plays music as well. 
The Renault Fluence is offered with a five-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty, two years (or 40,000km, whichever comes first), free parts and labour maintenance and one-year Renault genuine parts warranty. Renault will also offer to pick up your car wherever your car and send it to the service centre for you, and will also hand over a courtesy car should your service take more than 48 hours. Now that’s customer service. 

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