November 03, 2015 @ 05:12 PM

Perodua’s reaction to the 2016 Budget day

After the annual Budget Day announcement Perodua releases the following statement.

Perodua, the biggest national car maker in our country, released the statement below following the annual Budget Day announcement:

We welcome the government’s 2016 Budget to address the welfare of the lower income segment of society and to further improve infrastructure, investment and economic activities among SMEs.
On the increase in minimum wage to RM1,000 in West Malaysia and to RM920 in East Malaysia; while we encourage better pay, we also emphasise on higher productivity to justify the increase in wages.

We hope that the government would further engage the various stakeholders such as industries and especially SMEs so that the implementation of higher wages would have the desired effect.
We also hope that the increase in wages and benefits to the public sector will also translate into a better quality of service.

Perodua is committed to offer affordable yet quality products and services without compromising on safety to our customers and the Malaysian public. Our transformation journey will continue and we would like to thank all our stakeholders including our customers for making Perodua the brand of choice.

Jerrica Leong 

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