August 13, 2015 @ 11:13 AM

Nissan’s 4S centre is finally ready for business

This was where the brand new Nissan X-Trail was launched earlier this year and now we finally get to see it open for business!

I’m sure frequent visitors at Glenmarie would have noticed this huge building covered with Nissan’s monikers sitting there closed and looking menacing. It took Edaran Tan Chong Motors a good amount of time before they finally launched the centre and with the equipment that is available there, we are not surprised at all.
Hot off the launch of the Taiping 3S Centre, ETCM is proud to invite us all to their brand new full-fledge 4S centre. The centre comes complete with a showroom, service and spare parts centre and a body and paint centre. That’s not all, the centre also has team that provides services from MUV Certified Nissan Pre-Owned and Used Vehicles office and display area, hire purchase and insurance division and vehicle distribution centre.
Spanning 165,318 square feet, the showroom has a display capacity of up to 15 Nissan models with 28 Nissan sales professionals to tend to customers. Visitors will get to relax in a modern lounge while enjoying the snacks from the refreshment bar and free WiFi connectivity. ETCM has also seen fit to dedicate a corner to the children as well to keep them entertained while their parents waited for their cars to get serviced.
The service centre in the back is equipped with the latest technology and has 27 bays manned by 22 experienced technicians. ETCM estimates that the centre has a capacity to service up to 100 cars per day and an average of 3000 vehicles in a month. The body and pain centre upstairs provides car body repair and alignment surface preparation and spray painting service.
This is also the first time that ETCM has included a unique retail concept boutique in their centres. The 4S centre houses a motorsports boutique and a V-Kool boutique that provides customers with options on customising their Nissans.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dato’ Dr Ang said, “We stand by our philosophy to provide quality products and services to our customers across our network. Be it at a 1S or a 3S Centre, customer satisfaction comes first from the moment they step through the door. With a total investment of about RM20 million, this new flagship 4S Centre is the epitome of services that we envision to provide to our customers in ETCM and Nissan. Its strategic location – right in the heart of the established automotive industrial hub in Glenmarie makes it extremely convenient and accessible for our customers.”
With a Zen Lounge that comes supplied with Gintell massage chairs, we think that ETCM has went all out to make this 4S centre achieve their aim to satisfying their customers.
Jerrica Leong

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