October 22, 2015 @ 11:27 AM

Three new Fuso trucks on offer

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is proud to announce the availability of three new trucks!

The Fuso trucks has proved that they were popular choices in the commercial sector and after the success of the previous years, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, the official distributor of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks, are proud to announce upgrades for three of their best-selling commercial vehicles.
These three new Fuso trucks will be replacing their predecessors in the commercial market that were launched between 2009 and 2010. The FM65FJ houses an inline-six engine that generates 686Nm of torque and a maximum output of 237bhp at 2600rpm.With a taper leaf spring suspension installed on the truck, the FM65FJ is perfect for construction and heavy-duty use.
If it’s a bigger Fuso you’re looking for, the FM65FN has also received a huge update. Boasting an inline-six engine that dispenses 785Nm of torque and a maximum output of 266bhp at 2600rpm, the best-in-class, high productivity and cost efficient engine. The FM65FN is ideal for the logistics sector and transport of heavy weights for long haul drives.
Fuso’s medium duty FN62FM is a little different from its counterparts. Equipped with a nine-speed transmission with a high-low range change, the truck generates a max output of 237bhp at 2600rpm and 795Nm of torque. With that new transmission, the FN62FM offers drivers with better efficiency and fuel consumption and it is ideal for work in quarry areas. 
All three models are equipped with common rail injection system and are under the Euro 2 emissions and UNECE regulation compliant. The trucks are also filled with safety aspects like ABS and exhaust braking which assist drivers to avoid uncontrollable skidding and offers better braking performance. These trucks also come complete with reverse sensor and daytime running lights.
The 4x2 FM65FJ, 4x2 FM65FN and 6x4 FN62FM are priced (bare chassis list price with GST) at RM183,688, RM198,288 and RM265,888 respectively. The models are available from October 2015. All three models also come complete with a 100,000km or two-year warranty and three complimentary services for the trucks up to 20,000km for free.
Jerrica Leong 

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