October 01, 2015 @ 02:57 PM

Who else is on team Mercedes-Benz in King of Clubs?

We’ve mentioned three, now for the rest of the team.

King of Clubs is made up of teams with seven members each challenge requires five members while the other two can be swapped in to allow the other member to take a quick rest. Only the Treasure Hunt segment allows all seven members to participate fully. So we’ve already named three who would be taking part in the competition and now for the rest of the team.



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There is another rapper in our midst and that is SonaOne. He will be the only person that will take on Gymkhana in a Mercedes GLA 45 AMG how will he do it with a crossover? Come watch King of Clubs to watch him!

Hansen Lee

Based on his Instagram pictures, we’ve concluded that Mr Lee is a fitness junkie. Let’s see him put all that muscle into good use handling a CLA 45 AMG!

Jym Cheong

His voice is not going to help him much in King of Clubs. We’re looking forward to see how the MY FM host will fair in an A45 AMG.

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