November 14, 2014 @ 02:02 PM

News: Merc jumps into the compact SUV battle

Mercedes is joining the competition of compact SUVs with the launch of the GLA. By Jerrica Leong

Mercedes is joining the competition of compact SUVs with the launch of the GLA. By Jerrica Leong
Looks like even Mercedes thinks that the compact SUV market is thriving so they’ve decided to join in the competition by launching a very own compact SUV of their own. 

GLA is one of Mercedes’ new name concept, the SUVs that Mercedes will soon be rolling out will all bare the new nomenclature GL, G as a nod to the popular G-Class. After that come the model line, so the GLA is the GL A-Class. Get it? More about Mercedes’ new nomenclature concept another time though let’s focus back on the GLA.

The GLA has a design that is immediately recognisable as a Mercedes-Benz. As an SUV, the new GLA combines key design values of progression and tradition. It is the youthful and sculptural utility player with hallmark Mercedes SUV genes.

While the front end of the GLA conveys a prominent and self-assured impression the side view conveys power and serenity. Roof trim strips comes as standard while owners can choose to combine with the optional Night package, aluminium roof rails in high-gloss black.

Inside the most unique feature are the five round air vents that are integrated into the dashboard and exclusively for the GLA bezels are available around these circular vents echo the SUV-look of the skid plate and side sill panels. The large free standing display has a high-glass display facing the piano-black and flush fitting surround in silver-shadow. It comes complete with a three spoke steering wheel with 12 functional keys and a galvanised chrome clasp feature as standard.

Mercedes has two GLA lines available for their customers, Urban on the GLA 200 and AMG Line with Night package on the GLA 250. The GLA 250 will also be available with the new generation of 4MATIC all-wheel drive featuring fully variable torque distribution.

The GLA is built to be a day-to-day companion with abilities that allows you to jump off the road for some rough terrain fun. You get a large luggage compartment for all your road tripping needs. The compact SUV’s rigid body structure provides a reliable basis for a wide range of applications.

Mercedes is proud to say that the GLA takes the lead in its segment with its dynamic performance figures thanks to the turbocharging and direct injection four-cylinder engines. The engine is equipped with ECO start/stop function as standard to give the GLA superior efficiency.

Initially the power range of the 1.6 and 2.0-litre petrol engines will extend from 156bhp in the GLA 200 and 211bhp in the GLA 250. 4MATIC in the GLA 250 allows to car to make the sprint from zero to 100kph in only 7.1seconds, it recorded a top speed of 230kph and has a combined consumption figure of just 6.5l/100km.

Fitted with MacPherson front axle and an independent multilink rear suspension with three control arms and one trailing arm per wheel to manage incoming forces the GLA is perfect for recreational enjoyment. Pick from two suspension variants: the off-road comfort suspension which is raised by 30mm as standard on the GLA 200 and sports suspension that is a firmer suspension and damping that lowers the car by 15mm for a sportier style of driving on the GLA 250 4MATIC.

With the GLA, Mercedes has created yet another model series to become the leader in its segment with the respect to aerodynamic efficiency. It has a Cd value of 0.29. At 0.66m2, the Cd x A that greatly impacts fuel consumption from around 60kph is the top figure.

If you pick the GLA 200 (CBU) it will cost your bank account RM238,888 while the GLA 250 4MATIC (CBU) is an extra RM30,000 priced at RM268,888. Both prices are OTR without insurance.

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