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Merc introduces diesel hybrid

If the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid can make it from Africa to UK in one tank of fuel, you won’t need to pay for fuel when you travel from KL to Penang anymore! By Jerrica Leong

If the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid can make it from Africa to UK in one tank of fuel, you won’t need to pay for fuel when you travel from KL to Penang anymore! By Jerrica Leong

Last year Mercedes-Benz’s E300 BlueTEC Hybrid made headlines by travelling from Africa to UK on one tank of fuel. Nobody had remained calm about that result, there were even huge debates in every corner of the Automotive world. Well it’s here in Malaysia now, so if you want to verify Mercedes’ claim, go get one and try it out!

But before you rush out to test out the car’s ability to safe fuel, here is a list about the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid for your reference:
  • The new E300 BlueTEC Hybrid’s four-cylinder diesel engine is rated at 204bhp at 4200rpm and 500Nm at 1600-1800rpm.
  • The compact electric motor is a three-phase AC internal rotor magneto motor which generates a max output of 27bhp and peak torque of 250NM at an operating voltage of 120 volts.
  • When the car is stationary - ECO start/stop: the internal combustion engine switches off when coasting at speeds up to 160 km/h, since ancillaries such as the steering, brakes and refrigerant compressor operate electrically. It is restarted quickly, smoothly and virtually silently.
  • Manoeuvring: in most cases, the car uses electric power alone for manoeuvring and parking.
  • Accelerating: electrical power alone is used for moving off and driving under low load. Acceleration from standstill is particularly powerful, since the electric motor's full torque of up to 250 Nm is available instantaneously.

  • Boost function: the electric motor supports the combustion engine during acceleration, e.g. in the course of overtaking.
  • Cruising: when the car is being driven at a constant speed, the engine control unit shifts the operating points towards exceptionally low specific fuel consumption levels.
  • Sailing: "sailing", as it has come to be known, is possible at speeds below 160 km/h. The combustion engine shuts down and the desired speed is maintained by the electric motor alone until the battery needs recharging.
  • Kinetic energy recuperation when coasting or braking: when the car is coasting (decelerating), the electric motor acts as a generator. When the brake pedal is pressed, the generator output is initially increased proportionally for greater deceleration. Only when increased brake pressure is applied are the wheel brakes additionally deployed.
  • Information: an additional savings effect arises after a relatively short period of time, as drivers come to apply the above-stated functions in an increasingly more purposeful and effective manner. They are supported here by the display concept in the hybrid models – the central display provides information on the current energy flow and the charge status of the battery.  

  • The hybrid drive unit is a further development of the module from the S400L Hybrid and is based on the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. The most distinguishing feature is the omission of the hydraulic torque converter and the addition of a wet clutch of the kind also found in high-performance AMG models.
  • The key characteristic of the high-voltage lithium-ion battery specially developed for use in vehicles is an output of 26bhp and an energy content of 0.8kWh, allowing the E-Class to run on electric power alone at up to 35kph and for up to one kilometre.
  • The lithium ion battery is also connected via the voltage converter to the 12V on-board electrical system, this supplies power to standard power-consuming devices such as the headlamps and the comfort features.
Now that you’re armed with the specs of the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid, you can purchase the car at RM348,888 on the road without insurance and try out the hybrid’s range.

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