October 14, 2014 @ 05:23 PM

News: Mercedes' Upgraded Autohaus

Mercedes-Benz receives permission to upgrade their Autohaus. By Jerrica Leong

Mercedes-Benz, together with one of their primary dealers, Hap Seng Star, is proud to announce that they have achieved another milestone in 2014 with the upgrade of the Kinrara Autohaus (HSS Kinrara). The headlining feature of the upgrade is the certification as a Mercedes-Benz Body and Paint Centre of Competence from the Mercedes-Benz Global Service and Parts, specifically in accident management.

The centre is known as a Centre of Competence because HSS’s Body and Paint shop is staffed with exclusively qualified specialists who are well-versed in the complex composition of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As part of a total solution in accident management, specialists attend to a range of accident-related issues from body damage to replacement of components.

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