October 21, 2015 @ 02:50 PM

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia continues to set the records in 2015

Sales shattering record aside, check out what are MBM’s plans for the C-Class.

This time last year, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia sold 6932 units but in 2015, the company is proud to announce that they have shattered the records by selling a record 7194 units as of August 2015, surpassing the 6932 units that they managed in August 2014. But that is not the most impressive number the company charted, MBM has cemented its leadership position with year-to-date passenger car sales shooting up 70 per cent from 4817 units sold to 8196 units!
As like every quarter, the locally assembled luxury limousines from Pekan were the main push for sales for MBM, contributing 2188 units to the quarterly record of 3033 units. A total of 861 units of the baby Merc made it to owners, that’s a 210 per cent increase from last year of the same period. The E-Class on the other hand has doubled its sales figures in 3Q2015 compared to last year with a record 679 units.
Remember last year when we reported the surprise sales figures of the locally assembled S-Class Hybrid? The luxury barge has maintained its momentum and continued uptrend selling 648 units in this quarter. The month of September also represented MBM’s highest sales month for 3Q2015 with 235 units.
On the compact cars category, MBM has sold a total of 838 units enjoying an 87 per cent increase from 3Q2014. The CLA leads the pack with a sales record of 301 units (increased 91 per cent from 2014 while Mercedes’ first ever compact SUV, the GLA, sold a total number of 299 units in 3Q2015. 
Over on the AMG side, MBM is proud to say that a total of 302 units Mercedes AMG vehicles and with the addition of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and the most recent launch of the AMG C63 S, MBM expects to see an increase in that number as well.
Amidst the sales shattering records, MBM also announced that they will be enriching the C-Class’ portfolio in our country. The C200 Exclusive will now be available next to the C250 Exclusive while the C250 AMG will soon be introduced to our country as well. All these will join the existing C200 Avantgarde.
So who said that the economy is not doing well? MBM definitely has proof that it’s not.
Jerrica Leong 

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