January 08, 2016 @ 03:12 PM

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia ends 2015 on a very high note

Throughout 2015, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has been reporting the breaking of record after record. So here are the full 2015 sales results.

We know that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has been achieving record breaking results all year round with the highest sales record in June, the company sold a total of 10,845 vehicles recording a 56 per cent increase from 2014.
Out of the 10,845 vehicles sold in 2015, 7989 units were comprised of their flagship passenger vehicles. It was the locally produced diesel hybrid that tops the charts with 3383 units sold, compared to the 2212 in 2014. The C-Class followed closely with 2697 units finding a home in 2015 increasing sales by 56 per cent from 2014. Mercedes-Benz’s flagship, the S400L Hybrid records sales at 1909 units increasing by 201 per cent from the previous year. 
Not only are the passenger limousine numbers flourishing, the compact vehicles maintained a steady sales growth by 21 per cent. The CLA tops the charts with 959 units registered, 74 per cent increase from 2014, while the A-Class and the GLA each sold 832 units and 816 units respectively. Overall the Mercedes-Benz compact vehicles made up 2811 of the total 10,845 units.
“2015 produced many milestones for the Mercedes-Benz brand in Malaysia, both on the product and customer service fronts. Some of these included the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars collection and the launch of the Hap Seng Star Kota Kinabalu showroom. As we mark our 13th year in Malaysia and the brand’s 130th year as the inventor of the automobile, we are more aligned than ever in pairing a ‘Best or nothing’ model line-up complete with the best ownership experience in the business,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner.
MBM’s Pekan plant recently celebrated a new milestone of producing over 7710 Mercedes-Benz cars in a single year. The plant has also been crowned the first and only CKD country to successfully implement a twoshift production which began in April 2015. This was implemented to cater to the significantly increasing production volume of the S- and C-Class vehicles.
On the after-sales front, MBM held the South East Asia Service Excellence award in February 2015 recognising dealers for their services. They have also worked to further develop the skilled workforce of the country, training selected students from Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sport for the automotive industry. 
MBM also did their part in engaging the community through its MobileKids programme and played the official transport of meetings such as International Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conference.
With the introduction of several new models to the market and the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection (pick up the January issue to read all about it), and the continued efforts with their EEV strategy and extension on duty exemptions, MBM ended the year on a high note and has high hopes for the coming year.
Jerrica Leong

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