June 19, 2015 @ 05:45 PM

Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid now easier to own

Purchasers with Agility Financing stand to save almost RM1000 compared to conventional financing plans. By Chris Ng

Purchasers with Agility Financing stand to save almost RM1000 compared to conventional financing plans

In Car Magazine Malaysia’s June 2015 issue, you would have read the amazing range the Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid offers. It combines two technologies that are renowned to greatly extend the range of a conventional petrol-fueled car. Which ultimately, save you money at the pump. Now, Mercedes-Benz is offering you one more away to save money when you get an E300 BlueTec Hybrid.

Agility Financing is still relatively new in Malaysia, but it has been a catalyst in putting more cars with the Three-Pointed Star on the road since its launch in 2013. The plan is now extended to the E300 BTH as well, and it looks like owners can enjoy lower monthly repayments and yet finish payments within a shorter period of time.

According to Mercedes-Benz, one only has to pay RM4868 per month for the four-year Agility Financing plan, based on a 20,000km per year mileage. In comparison, assuming that prevailing interest rate at 2.4 per cent, a five-year conventional financing plan would have your pay RM5731.

Additionally, the Agility Financing guarantees the future value of the E300, which amounts to RM116,916. Based on the term agreement and preferred mileage, Mercedes-Benz guarantees the car’s future value based on the length of term agreement and preferred mileage.

For those who drive more frequently, there are plans covering 25,000km and 30,000 per year with the option to choose from a one-year to a five-year financing tenure.

So in short, you’ll have lower monthly repayments, you get to settle your repayments quicker and have the vehicle’s value guaranteed against depreciation. What’s not to like? There is one wet blanket, this special offer is only valid until 30 September 2015 before it all goes back to normal. Decisions, decisions.


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