February 03, 2016 @ 05:54 PM

Massive recall for Lexus vehicles in Malaysia – one unit affected!

One Lexus LX470 unit affected by a Curtain Airbag issue.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has announced a global recall campaign for certain Toyota and Lexus models for rectification of an airbag system issue. The recall is for models which are equipped with side Curtain Shield Airbags (CSA).

TMC is reportedly preparing the necessary remedial parts which to be shipped to authorised distributors worldwide.Local manufacturer and distributor UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd - and Lexus’ local parent company however, only has to worry about just one unit in Malaysia. 
Yup, we know it’s slightly comical. But just one Lexus LX470 unit is to be recalled for defective programming of the Airbag Sensor Assembly (airbag control module) which modulates the deployment side Curtain Shield Airbags (CSA).
The corrective measure is to stop CSAs situated on either side of the cabin from deploying and seatbelt pre-tensioners activating under some conditions while the vehicle is stationary.
Toyota units sold officially in Malaysia do not come with CSAs, hence the rather isolated issue - so I guess, this is one recall from Toyota that only requires one phone-call, and yes, the owner will be notified by Lexus Malaysia. 


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