September 06, 2014 @ 05:20 PM

Upgrade complete

Not quite an all-new car, but this XC60's new engine makes it an eyebrow raiser. By Chris Ng

Not quite an all-new car, but this XC60’s new engine makes it an eyebrow raiser. By Chris Ng
So it has a new face and a nifty set of wheels but the real draw of the Volvo XC60 is its engine, now called the Drive-E engine. The XC60 that was launched not too long ago is of the T5 variant powered by a four-cylinder mill that produces 245hp and 350Nm of torque. A glance at the torque’s rev range – 1,500 to 4,800rpm – and you’ll notice telltale signs of a turbocharged engine. And eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to the front wheels.  

That aside, the XC60’s safety systems also sees upgrades. City Safety now features active automatic brakes at speeds up to 50kph. BLIS is now a radar-based system that is able to monitor and alert the driver to the rapidly approaching vehicles up to 70m behind the car. 

The XC60 is priced at RM288,888; competitive. But if you want more, Volvo Malaysia is planning to release the XC60 T6 with many more Active Safety Technologies early 2015. Obviously, you have to pay more for that one

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