September 06, 2014 @ 05:12 PM

Bold Evolution

Range Rover Sport has been given a transformation. By Jerrica Leong

Range Rover Sport has been given a transformation. By Jerrica Leong.

Described as James Bond car the Range Rover Sport received a grand launching in New York. James Bond star, Daniel Craig, stunned the crowd as he drove through the streets of New York to the launching venue. And it was all caught on a video ending with live footage of his arrival!

Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia replicated that launch with a similar video. But, we have Nick Rogers, Vehicle Line Director, Range Rover at the wheel instead of Daniel Craig (as if!).

Built on the flagship Range Rover chassis and featuring state-of-the-art, lightweight aluminium monocoque platform, the new Range Rover Sport was designed to capture the distinctive DNA of its predecessor, but with a bold evolution. 

Land Rover hope that the new Range Rover Sport would continue the outstanding success of its predecessor, which became one of Land Rover’s most popular models following its introduction in 2005.

The Range Rover Sport adopted the advanced lightweight vehicle technologies and new powertrains from the highly acclaimed new Range Rover to transform the driving experience. With the “faster” windscreen angle, streamlined profile and sloping roofline, Land Rover is proud to announce that the Sport is eight per cent more aerodynamic than the previous model.

Unlike other SUVs, the Range Rover Sport is shorter than other 7-seater SUVs and most E-segment sedans. The Sport is also packed with smart and relevant technologies. All these additions to ensure that the Sport delivers dramatically improved on-road driving dynamics.

Obviously, with a vehicle like this, it is possible for customers to customise the Range Rover Sports to their liking. There is an overwhelming list of colour combinations, wheels, interior trim and colour to choose from. Time to get creative! 

The Range Rover Sport comes in three variants, the 3.0litre SDV6 Diesel HSE starts off at RM859,888, the 3.0litre Supercharged Petrol HSE Dynamic which starts off at RM939,888, and the 5.0litre Supercharged Petrol HSE Dynamic that starts off at RM998,888.

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