September 06, 2014 @ 04:47 PM

Pour then pump

The benefits of Caltex Techron now available in a small, handy bottle. By Chris Ng

The benefits of Caltex Techron now available in a small, handy bottle. By Chris Ng
So your fuel of choice may not be Caltex but now you can receive the same benefits as those who have used Caltex Techron’s fuel. Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the Caltex brand, has just launched the company’s patented Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP), which is said to be a fuel system cleaner.

Pour one bottle into a nearly empty or partially filled tank then fill it to full to enjoy the benefits. Caltex says that one full tank with the TCP additive will be able to clean the combustion chambers, fuel injectors and intake valves. 

Does it work? In a video shown as part of the launch gambit, a boroscope was used to look into the engine’s valves. In all tests, valves that started out quite filthy became almost clean after 20 hours of continuous use. The test was conducted on a total of 606 valves across three of Caltex’s major markets in South East Asia. 

It was revealed those who chose to fuel up with Caltex did not necessarily need TCP; the benefits of the product are already found in Caltex fuels. With that said, TCP is still recommended if you fuel up occasionally with other brand fuels. Representatives from the company also said that TCP works with all types of petrol engine, even the old carbureted one. TCP for motorcycle and diesel engines are in the works. 

One 35mL bottle of TCP now retails at an introductory price of RM35.00, which is valid from 15 July to 31 August 2014 only. Subsequently, it will cost you RM45.00 to pour the same into your tank after the promotion period. Not too bad of a discount, eh?

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