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BMW X adds 4

Lovers of rugged body designs would go for the X1, X3, and X5. But if your taste is a little different, you have the X6 and the new one, the X4 to choose from. By Chris Ng

Lovers of rugged body designs would go for the X1, X3, and X5. But if your taste is a little different, you have the X6 and the new one, the X4 to choose from. By Chris Ng
With the recent launch of the BMW X4, Malaysians can now pick a number from one to seven if they can’t decide which Bimmer to go for. The more superstitious of us would have to wait for the i8 – if it ever comes! – just so they can have a bit more prosperity in their drive. I jest.

So, what about the X4? It is BMW’s first Sports Activity Coupe in the premium compact crossover segment. Or you can think of it as an X6 that got hit by a shrink ray. Which means it inherits the swooping roofline that starts from its highest point over the front seats and swoops down towards the tailgate. It also helps that the tapering roofline cheats the eyes into thinking the X4 has a lower centre of gravity. Cheeky. On the opposite end are the large air intakes that enhance the X4’s muscular lines. Also, it is quite reminiscent of the X6. 

In spite of the similarities, it is the X3 that donates its platform to the X4. Even so, the X3 and X4 are not the same under the skin. The X4 is 4,671mm long and 1,624mm wide, which makes the SAC 14mm longer and 36mm lower than the SUV.
The extra length does not seem to add on to the spaciousness of the interior, yet the subtracted roofline does not interfere with headroom space inside. The interior looks and feel appropriately well-appointed, and just as practical. The 40:20:40 rear backrest of the SAC can expand the cargo hold from 500 to 1,400 litres.

For now, the X4 xDrive28i will only be available with one engine – a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol that outputs 245hp and 350Nm of torque. An eight-speed Steptronic transmission is paired with the powermill for a 0-100kph time of 6.4 seconds. Since efficiency is a huge part of BMW’s bigger picture, the X4 only needs 7.3l/100km of fuel and expelling 169g/km of CO2. Savings are achieved when the X4 is in ECO PRO mode that also uncouples the engine from the drivetrain at coasting speeds between 50kph to 160kph whenever the foot becomes a feather on the accelerator.

This being an X-vehicle (how do you like the sound of that?) means the X4 is armed with the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system that knows which end to send the power – be it for performance or safety reasons. This can be altered to allow more wheel-slip via the Dynamic Traction Control. The entire system is enhanced with Performance Control that’s smart enough to brake the appropriate inner wheel to eliminate understeer. 

Double-joint front axle and five-link rear suspension make up for the mechanical bits. Both serve to strike a balance between ride comfort, dynamic driving, directional stability and excellent steering characteristics. Additionally, the X4 comes with the Variable Sport Steering that ensures the driver gets the best steering angle in any driving situation.

There are two X4 variants offered at launch; price of the standard xDrive28i is RM438,800 on-the-road, no insurance; BS+RI inclusive. Or, part with RM468,800 and you’re xDrive28i will come with snazzy M Sport bits such as M Aerodynamics package, 19-inch M light alloy wheels, leather sport seats and M leather steering wheel to name a few.
The X4 is now available at your nearest BMW authorised dealer. But if you still can’t decide which Bimmer to go for, well, go ahead and pick a number. Any number.

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