October 13, 2014 @ 12:11 PM

News - King of Clubs: GRA Autocross Challenge

We wondered if skills vs powers and who will be the winner so what is the results?

If you had tuned in to our Twitter and Instagram account for the live updates of CAR Malaysia’s event, you would know the results of King of Clubs. We saw the crown go to Lotus Club Malaysia at the end of the event. Congratulations to them.
Lotus Club Malaysia was the winner of our inaugural event but it doesn’t mean that the team was at the top of all the challenges. For our Gymkhana challenge, for example, the results would give you a surprise.
The fastest lap time in King of Club’s Gymkhana challenge goes to Philip Ng of Lotus Club Malaysia with a time of 00.58.655 who brought home a prize from our sponsor Oris. But, as the challenge takes the fastest three times of one team, it wasn’t the Lotus team who topped the overall timesheets.
It was an Audi/Lotus sandwiched at the top (with a classic MINI from VERV Crew in between) but Club Audi was the team to beat after their turn in the Gymkhana challenge. Surprised? The Audi team accumulated an overall time of 3.10.274 while the Lotus team came in second with a time of 3.13.393.
So it’s back to the question was it skills or power? Topping a challenge doesn’t mean your club is the best, you have to be good at every other challenge from virtual reality to remote controls and go-karting to wear the crown.
Here is the overall timesheet of all teams who participated in King of Clubs. Click on the image to enlarge it.


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