October 01, 2015 @ 03:08 PM

King of Clubs: Throwback to the 2014 Simulator challenge

Simulators at King of Clubs are not an unfamiliar sight so how did we make this challenge better?

Racing simulators were one of the highlights in King of Clubs 2014, right behind the Gymkhana challenge and the Go-Kart challenge this was the challenge that provided the most fun. The cheers from the teams and the shouts of opinions could be heard from even across the parking lot! Let’s throwback to 2014 on how we had run the show.
This challenge definitely wiped the smiles off the older generation who thought that this is just a simple video game. Like the RC challenge, virtual reality racing holds a large candle of its own. The car that we’ve provided them to drive was a Pagani Zonda and racing was Le Mans style. So not only did the participants have to drive a mandatory three laps but they are required to help strap and unstrap their teammates into the hot seats.
If you watch Formula 1 or any other racing that hits Fuji Speedway you would have known that there is a particularly long straight with two very sharp turns at each end. That was what the participants had to manoeuvre their Zonda through to score the fastest accumulated time.
The VERV team was the one who clocked the fastest time while champions Lotus Owner’s Club Malaysia followed in second. Volvo Enthusiasts Club Malaysia (VECM) took the third fastest time, so if you still think that Volvos are for uncles you can wipe that thought out of your minds! Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club scored the fourth fastest time and these guys only had four players!
If you’ve been keeping tabs on our website you’ve probably already gauge the idea that King of Clubs is all about making it big! So like all the other challenges, we’ve aimed to make it even harder than the previous year and we’re gleeful about it. So long Fuji Speedway, we’re heading west, goodbye Pagani Zonda and hello to the best part of our new simulator challenge, a new car with a manual transmission. Yes, transmissions are set to manual only!
Let’s see those auto transmission lovers handle a manual in virtual reality! 
Le Mans is still the style we’re going with, and each member are still required to drive three laps and they are required to watch out for tyre wear and fuel consumption as well. 
While the simulator challenge might have a competitor to vie for attention this year (the RC challenge has big ambitions to replace Go-Kart) but we wonder if BMW E30 Malaysia club's will to maintain their crown as King of the Simulator challenge will make it more interesting.

Jerrica Leong 

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